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    Mia Monteabaro rehearsing a new creation, THE WAY IT IS, by Olivier Wevers. Photo credit: Stefano Altamura.

Join Whim W'Him online for the launch of our re-imagined, all digital XALT program, featuring new dance films with physically distant choreography by Penny Saunders and Artistic Director & Founder Olivier Wevers, and filming and direction by New York-based movement photographer and filmmaker Quinn Wharton. These films will be available on our new streaming service, IN-with-WHIM, starting on August 13, 2020.

To celebrate the start of our new virtual season, we're also throwing a Dance and Tell viewing party that evening, hosted by Whim W'Him dancer Jim Kent and Board member Natalie Sandoval. In addition to sharing interviews and clips about the making of these innovative, experimental dance creations, we'll also share information about our IN-with-WHIM streaming service, where you can watch new dance creations, revisit old favorites, see live streams of physically distanced rehearsals and behind-the-scenes experiences, and so much more!

Memberships: $10 per month for an annual membership ($120 per year); $15 per month for monthly membership ($180 per year)Single view passes: $5-$50

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