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Rudran, an ex-Tamil militant returns home from military detention, looking for his lover Vaani who had disappeared during the war. Rudran’s mother, Sellamma who is gifted with a ‘boon’ of soothsaying, tells the locals whether their kith and kin are alive or dead, but she refuses to say the same about Vaani. While men and women defeated in the war find solace in massive Hindu temples, Rudran initially refuses to pray, but later in an act of desperation, he joins a month-long pilgrimage seeking help from God Ayyappa, hoping to unite with his lover.

6:30 PM- Reception: Red Carpet

7:00 PM- Munnel Film Screening @PACCAR IMAX Theatre at Pacific Science Center

8:45 PM- Q&A with Munnel(Sand) Film Director and Producer

9:15 PM - Dinner by @Khushi foods, Bellevue

9:45 PM - Drinks & Dance Party with DJ Kazan


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