Driftwood Players
950 Main Street, The Bowl of Edmonds, Edmonds

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Nick is a single, Italian-American guy from New Jersey. His parents retired and moved to Florida but that doesn’t mean his family isn’t still in Jersey. In fact, he sees both sets of his grandparents every Sunday for dinner. This is routine until he tells them that he’s been offered his dream job of marketing executive in Seattle, which would take him away from all his beloved, but annoying, grandparents. The news doesn’t sit so well. Thus begins a series of schemes by Frank, Aida, Nunzio and Emma to keep Nick around, including inviting the lovely, and single, Caitlin O’Hare to dinner…we won’t give the ending away here.

Upcoming Dates

  • Thu, May 26, 2022 8:00pm
  • Fri, May 27, 2022 8:00pm
  • Sat, May 28, 2022 8:00pm
  • Sun, May 29, 2022 2:00pm
  • Thu, Jun 2, 2022 8:00pm
  • Fri, Jun 3, 2022 8:00pm
  • Sat, Jun 4, 2022 8:00pm
  • Sun, Jun 5, 2022 2:00pm
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