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Celebrate the magnificence of waterbird migration along the Pacific Flyway—the 10,000-mile migratory corridor from the Arctic to Tierra del Fuego. Join the authors of the book Pacific Flyway, along with wildlife photographer Gerrit Vyn, and discover the vast network of saltwater and freshwater habitats linked by millions of waterbirds who migrate between their breeding and overwintering grounds. Through stunning photography, migration sounds, and amazing video footage, explore the extraordinary stories of these remarkable birds that convert food, air, and water into a mileage plan that has few equals in the animal world.

Delve into the daunting array of survival challenges these birds face—widespread habitat loss and degradation resulting from global climate change and unparalleled human disturbance—and learn about research and conservation efforts by biologists, wildlife photographers, and citizen activists striving to combat these conditions. Traverse the Pacific Flyway and engage with the lives of waterbirds that exemplify the connectedness, complexity, and wonder of the natural world.


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