Pacific Science Center
200 2nd Avenue North, Lower Queen Anne, Seattle

  • Pac Sci Teen Night 1920x1080 1


Meet scientists Jared Canright and Dr. Suzanne McDermott as you experiment with physics through virtual reality (VR) and play with parasites. Explore PacSci’s Tinker Tank and Planetarium with after-hours activities and shows. Plus, free pizza!

Learning Physics with VR

Investigate the ways we learn about our world by experiment and inquiry in a simple exercise with magnets. Then, try to do the same in a virtual world using a VR system, and see if what you learn there applies in the real world! With Jared Canright, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, University of Washington Department of Physics.

Play with Parasites

Learn about the life of deadly sleeping sickness parasites. Come play with parasites and mold their amazing ability to make big life changes! With Dr. Suzanne, McDermott, Research Scientist, Seattle Children’s Research Institute.

Cost: Free! Complimentary food will also be served


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