Seattle Center | Mural Amphitheatre
305 Harrison Street, Lower Queen Anne, Seattle

Armory Food and Event Hall
Armory Lower Queen Anne, Seattle

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Pagdiriwang Philippine Festival will take place on June 3: 11am-6pm & June 4: 12pm-6pm at the Armory Food & Event Hall and Mural Amphitheatre. The festival is part of the Seattle Center Festál series.

Seattle Center Festál is a year-round series of 24 free cultural festivals, produced in partnership with community organizations. In 2022, Festál celebrated 25 years of stories and traditions, ushering in a new era of hybrid programming. Learn more about Festál and subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

The festival commemorates the anniversary of Philippine Independence with the word 'Pagdiriwang' meaning 'festival'. It offers a glimpse of Filipino heritage and culture through music, dance, arts, history, literature, and crafts.

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