Henry Art Gallery
Northeast Seattle, Seattle

  • Unnamed 4

This iteration of Viewpoints pairs paintings by Dean Sameshima (b. 1971, Torrance, CA) and Anthony White (b. 1994, Santa Maria, CA) that reflect on queer desire and visibility. Torso (Black on Silver), 2006, by Sameshima enlarges cartoonist ‘Sean’s’ creative transformation of a pornographic image into a connect-the-dots activity, originally featured in the gay leather magazine Drummer in the 1970s. The image is only complete with participation, and draws on secret codes and hidden meanings, as well as the implied necessity of such measures. In BOYZ OF THE WILD, 2020, White engages the social power and trappings of screen culture, and places portraits of his undressed male friends amid a landscape of sticker-like brand names, layered with a digital buffering symbol at the center of the composition. The figures are exalted and exposed, and appear both vulnerable and curated amid the cultural artifacts.

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