Town Hall
1119 8th Avenue, Downtown Seattle, Seattle

  • Event image raphael liogier

Recent years have witnessed significant progress toward gender equality—from the ousting of prominent men accused of sexual misconduct to the unprecedented popularity of the 2019 Women’s World Cup. Following the shocking, infuriating accounts shared as part of the #MeToo movement, sociologist and philosopher Raphaël Liogier felt compelled to apply his academic expertise to shed light on the roots of gender inequality and its many manifestations. Liogier takes Town Hall’s stage to share reflections from his essay Heart of Maleness, mapping out the crucial work still to be done, first and foremost addressing the core male fantasy about women’s bodies and minds.

Liogier contends that the archetypal Prince Charming and a monstrous predator such as Harvey Weinstein are two sides of the same coin. He asserts they are the products of a worldview that not only places a man’s desires above a woman’s but also doubts whether women are fundamentally capable of knowing what they want. He unpacks the influence of society’s deep-seated fantasy of male dominance—from the brazenness of Donald Trump, who brags about groping women, to the hypocrisy of outspoken progressives whose private behavior belies their so-called feminist ideals. Join Liogier as he examines the underlying causes of gender inequality and how we can fight against it.


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