Floyd and Delores Jones Playhouse
4045 University Way Northeast, Northeast Seattle, Seattle

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In 1912, a new play by an unknown female playwright took London by storm. Originally scheduled for only four performances at London’s Royal Court Theatre, Rutherford and Son by Githa Sowerby quickly transferred to the West End, receiving its New York premiere within the same year. Despite its initial success, Sowerby’s shattering drama of family business soon faded into obscurity, and more than half a century passed before it was produced again. Indeed, UW Drama will only be the third company in the United States to ever present this transformational work of contemporary drama. Be assured, time has only sharpened Sowerby's withering, feminist excoriation of the golden age of patriarchy, and the scheming, backstabbing family life that one patriarch wrought—The New York Post called a 2001 production "alive with human passions and tyrannies."

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