Saturday Secret Matinees


Sat Jan 5, 2019 – Sat Mar 30, 2019

Partner Organization

Grand Illusion Cinema


Grand Illusion Cinema
U District
1403 NE 50th Street
Seattle, WA 98105

Recreating the good, old-fashioned weekend matinee -- on 16mm film! Each week: see a cliffhanger episode of a movie serial, plus a secret classic feature film! In THE MYSTERIOUS DR. SATAN (1940), a sinister genius is bent on building an army of invincible robots in a plan to seize the wealth and power of the nation. When the governor is assassinated, Bob Wayne dons the mask of The Copperhead to avenge his death and stop Dr. Satan's ruthless march to power! Co-directors William Witney and John English deliver one of the finest serials ever made, packed with spectacular acrobatics, lethal gadgets, and ominous atmospherics. 

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