Town Hall
1119 8th Avenue, Downtown Seattle, Seattle

  • Shaina Shepherd and Sally James 1

Every year, Town Hall selects exceptional local artists and scholars for paid residencies where they engage with Town Hall programs and collaborate with our programming team to develop original events for the community. For our Spring 2023 residency, we’re lucky enough to have both a Scholar- and an Artist-in-Residence. This Scratch Night will showcase their work in progress.

Artist in Residence: Shaina Shepherd

Focus while in Residence: In the words of Shaina, “‘Dauphine’ is a collection of art songs I’ve written over the past 8 years all surrounding a character struggling with being a femme minority living in mostly white communities. The project is based solely on a songbook I have journaled in as a place of relief for this particular feeling of ennui correlated directly with the black diaspora. I will bring these songs to life for the first time with an audience, and a live band of experienced jammers and studio musicians commissioned to solidify an 8-10 track body of work. ‘Scratch Night’ would be a concert experience of a core group of musicians and vocalists hearing and contributing their ideas for the work, also selecting the songs for the record.”

Scholar in Residence: Sally James

Focus while in Residence: In the words of Sally, “The Year 12 project is asking about a pivotal time in a young person’s growth when what’s swirling around us in news, music, or culture may leave a permanent imprint on our identities.

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