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The Henry is pleased to present Set in Motion, the museum’s first city-wide public art exhibition. The work of ten artists from the Pacific Northwest and beyond will be presented on sixty public buses throughout the Seattle area. The title, Set in Motion, while in part referring literally to the mobile and transitory aspect of the exhibition format, also provided a loose thematic framework for artists to consider. To set in motion, by synonym, is to activate, to initiate, to get under way, to instate, to usher in, to open. There are myriad ways to interpret the phrase and how movement might be considered in this moment. Through their work, artists were able to respond to the rapidly changing social, political, economic, and environmental climates in which we find ourselves, interpreted through their different perspectives, aesthetic/conceptual approaches, and personal narratives. The ten artworks in Set in Motion form a decentralized group exhibition on the city’s public transportation and communication infrastructure.The presented artists were selected through an open call as well as by curatorial invitation.To view artworks, artist statements and bios, as well as location information, click here.ARTISTSMarin BurnettNatalie DupilleAmir H. FallahGenevieve GaignardNikita GaleFay RayGabriella SanchezSe Young AuRafael SoldiNina VichayapaiCrystal Worl

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