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Join SIFF and hometown heroes Nada Rosa for student-made silent films with live musical accompaniment in the Seattle Center Armory. SIFF Education has dug deep into the archive to present silent youth films with a live score twist.

Seattle based Nada Rosa is a 5-piece ensemble creating their own cinematic explosion of surf-tinged cosmic soul. Inspired by global psychedelia and latin styles, the band weaves together driving, hypnotic bass lines, dreamy guitars, and infectious melodies to create a sound that is colorful, nostalgic, and otherworldly. Their recently released debut album, Nunca Te Olvido, chronicles a period of immense growth and transformation for the band over the last five years, capturing themes of unconditional love, nostalgia, impermanence, empowerment, and escapism.
Forming just shy of the global shutdown, the members found their groove during stretches of unstructured time, taking a cinematic and experimental approach to their sound. The band has quickly reached stages of festivals like Belltown Bloom, NW Folklife, and New Mexico’s Sunburn, in addition to garnering recognition from notable outlets like KEXP and The Stranger. In support of their new album, they are planning a West Coast tour in the fall of 2023.


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