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The precious voice of this era, Soprano Kim Eun-kyung

Dramatic soprano Kim Eun-kyung, who sometimes sings elegant melodies as if walking through the snow, and sometimes veiled passion.
It boasts excellent musicality with a deep and profound tone and expressive power with all its strength. She has amazing stage dominance even in her extremely light role like Rosina in <The Barber of Seville>, as well as her skillful harder roles like ‘Tosca’ in the opera <Tosca> and ‘Violetta’ in <La Traviata>. Although she is a splendid coloratura as well as her soprano, her low voice, resembling a clarinet, unexpectedly touches the listeners’ emotions that have been piled up in their hearts.
Not only her operas, but also her song performances stand out
for her soft tone and intelligent interpretation. <The Letter>, a collection of Korean classical songs she presented in 2012, refined the lyrical beauty of Korean songs with her elegant yet restrained sensibility.
Above all, the reason why her voice is so loved is probably because many people sympathize with her feelings she confessed through her stage and music and her reflection on her life. As in the lives of all of us, she has overcome countless passions and trials in her youth, so her voice, which is ripening at an age of infidelity, is still as hot as that of youth.

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