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Pacific Play Company presents an evening full of magic, laughter and revenge!

In an ever changing world, nothing is more satisfying than stories of revenge! We have the ultimate battle between the Evil Queen and Snow White, poisoned laundry, a woman so frustrated she burns her house down, and a serial killer willing to tell it all for a bag of flaming hot Funyuns! You will shriek with laughter and gasp at the outrageous hijinx in store for you, while enjoying a nice cold beverage and the cool breeze of air conditioning.

An appetizer selection of short plays and monologues by:

Suzanne Bailie, Matthew Ivan Bennett, Mandi Bossard, Kathryn Jean Keller, Tod McCoy, Leonie Mikele, Scott Stolnack, Anna Tatelman, Carolynne Wilcox


David Breyman, Mark Dejoy, Cedric Jonathan, Pearl Lam, Marlena McHenry, Carrie Schnelker, Patrick Tolden, Sonja Usher


This production will also be streamed. You can purchase Livestream and On-Demand access here.


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