Support TeenTix before December 31 to keep the arts in reach!

Thu Nov 29, 2018 – Mon Dec 31, 2018

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Give to TeenTix by December 31st and help keep life-changing arts experiences within reach for everyone.


Has TeenTix given you or your kids experiences that would have otherwise been out of reach? It's time to give back. 

We're asking the families that participate in TeenTix--you--to donate to TeenTix during the month of December. Your donation, no matter the size, will make sure that the arts remain accessible for all teens, not just the ones who can afford it. 

Teens are able to see art everywhere in the Puget Sound at an affordable rate. We think our community is special, and we want to keep it that way, but we can't do it alone. Can you spare an extra five or ten bucks to keep this unique service strong and healthy? Every little bit counts.

We need to raise $10,000 by December 31st. If everyone who used their TeenTix pass this year gave just $2.50, we'd be there. 

Please donate now, and then enjoy your TeenTix pass for the rest of year, confident in the knowledge that you've done your part to keep the opportunities that TeenTix makes possible available to everyone.

Happy winter!


Team TeenTix

Note: Your donation will be fully tax-deductible, TeenTix is a registred a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the Tax ID #81-2736337. If you prefer to donate by check, please make it payable to TeenTix and mail it to TeenTix, 305 Harrison Street, Seattle, WA 98019.

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