The 2017 Teeny Awards

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Dust off your red carpet apparel, prepare yourself for dancing, and tell your friends, your parents, and your next door neightbors because...


YOU are invited to join other extremely cool and attractive people at the TEENY AWARDS (aka Seattle's Biggest Little Awards Show) this year on SEPTEMBER 24th on at THE VERA PROJECT + CHIHULY GARDEN & GLASS! It's a celebration of all that is artsy, important, and awesome in our fair city featuring the amazing things our 69 TeenTix art partner organizations do best.

It gets even better. AT LONG LAST - TeenTix is 13 - a teenager! So of course we're turning our annual awards show into a giant birthday party complete with cupcakes, swag bags, surprise performances, and so. much. more.

Tickets to the awards ceremony are just $5 for teens (OF COURSE) AND $20 for everybody else. GET THEM NOW.

2:30-3:30pm | Red carpet + cupcake hour
3:30-5pm | The Teeny Awards Ceremony
5:15-8pm | The Teeny Awards Dinner*

*After the ceremony, join other incredible human beings who believe in art for all at the Teeny Awards Dinner--it's your best chance all year to support TeenTix and its mission to keep art affordable and accessible to all youth. Early bird tickets (through September 1st) are $100 for adults, $250 VIP, and $75 under-21. Tickets and more info.

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