Seattle Opera


The Opera Center
363 Mercer Street, Lower Queen Anne, Seattle

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The Falling and The Rising, a new American opera, is based on a series of interviews with wounded warriors, active duty Soldiers, and Veterans. It seeks to share the camaraderie and values of Soldiers serving in America’s Army. It tells the story of a Soldier, posted in a conflict overseas, whose world is forever changed by an improvised explosive device shortly after a video chat with her daughter. The military doctors induce a coma to save her life. In this quasi-dream state, the Soldier envisions another combat veteran during a mandatory therapy session. The Soldier hears the Doctor diagnose her with a traumatic brain injury, but in her comatose state she cannot respond. Later, imagining a conversation with an Army Ranger, she is reminded of the strength and resilience inherent in every Soldier. She then has a vision of a Colonel mourning the loss of his wife; soon after, she meets and takes strength from a Veteran who demonstrates his own recovery to his family’s congregation. Surrounded by her company near and far, this Soldier finds the strength she needs to go on, to return to her fellow Soldiers and her young daughter.


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