Kirkland Performance Center
350 Kirkland Avenue, Moss Bay, Kirkland

  • Unknown 380x304

The Staxx Brothers are a high energy American band, hailing from Seattle, that has spent best part of this century defining a genre. It’s a sound built on a foundation heavier than gold.

Hard Soul.

It’s quite simply the most danceable and hip shaking brand of rock & roll to hit US streets since Motown left Detroit.

Where modern Rock has most often forgotten its Roll, The Staxx Brothers make it back to the juke joint, and take you back to the black church, dragging modern rock by its collar right back to its birthright – with an epic flare that matches any of the classics.

With 4 albums and at least one more (always) on the way, each full length is a template for a world that might have existed, if this less than funky and fruitless world had not persisted.

This is one of the bands that resisted.

The Staxx Brothers are the sound of what was and could have been. A place where not leaving it all on stage was the only sin.

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