Cornish Playhouse
201 Mercer Street, Lower Queen Anne, Seattle

A Crack In The Noise is a reflection of the humanitarian crisis of refugees. The Three Yells hope this project can lead to greater consciousness, support and healing. In our country, immigrants have always been under attack, but today even our highest ranking officials give power to what used to be fringe voices. A Crack In The Noise is a collaborative artwork strengthened by different genres, showing what can be accomplished when differences unite rather than divide.

This work expresses the hope, survival and desperation of a journey reflected in the poignant words of poet, Warsan Shire:

no one leaves home unless
home is the mouth of a shark
you only run for the border
when you see the whole city running as well


The Three Yells is a Seattle-based modern dance company founded by Artistic Director Veronica Lee-Baik. Since its inception in 2000, The Three Yells is known for its exciting athleticism and striking visual images. The Company's mission is to create works that deals with issues of today which are very real and pressing, investigate topics that fly under the radar and invoke experiences that connect and engage the community in ways that promote understanding across social boundaries.


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