Grand Illusion Cinema
1403 Northeast 50th Street, Northeast Seattle, Seattle


Jagger Gravning / 2017, USA
88min / digital

WALLFLOWER is an intense, atmospheric psychological drama in which a disturbed man looking to commit an act of mass violence at a rave was befriended by an eccentric group of attendees who invited him to an afterparty. The ravers’ openness and warmth caused the man to pause and reconsider his murderous plan; however, after going to the party and trying to connect with the free spirits there, the man went out to his truck and returned with his guns, killing six (ranging in age from 14 to 32) and wounding two others before killing himself. Based on the real-life 2006 Capitol Hill Massacre in Seattle.

Q&A on 11/30 and 12/1 with producer John W. Comerford and Dr. Rich Adler, eminent forensic psychiatrist and co-producer of Wallflower.

For show times see HERE.


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