Intiman Theatre


18th & Union
1406 18th Avenue, Minor, Seattle

  • 333557

Each year Intiman Theatre offers the Emerging Artist Program, a packed no-cost program for artists who are preparing for careers in the performing arts. The program culminates with a series of short solo performances. And now, newly expanded versions of these new shows arrive at 18th & Union. A festival of original work that has something for everyone: beards, stand-up comedy, Grandmas, child dance competitions, Duolingo, queer motherhood, pastors, La Croix, race as a construct, classical piano, first date blues, AND SO MUCH MORE.

Fat Chance! & Regresando by Alexandra Kronz and Cassandra Leon

January 19, 24, February 2, 3 @ 7:30pm
Join Alex and Cassandra as they attempt to wrangle child dance competitors, argue with Duolingo, and try to find self acceptance in the face of unattainable societal expectations.

american|asian by Steven Tran and Aaron Jin

January 19 and 26 @ 9:30pm, January 25 and 31 @ 7:30pm
A classical pianist reminisces on the past to confront his present. A determined gay sets out to find love on every first date.

Do You, A Journey Home by Sara Geiger and Laurie Lynch

January 20 and 26 @ 7:30pm, January 25 @ 9:30pm, January 27 @ 5:30pm
Two queers keep on keeping on standing tall when they don’t fit the stereotypes that society has for them.

Never Did It by Chris Quilici and Alfonso "Ponch" Campos

January 17 and February 1 @ 7:30pm, January 18 @ 9:30pm, February 3 @ 5:30pm
Chris and Ponch, the big guys with beards, bring you two drastically different stories of perseverance and willpower.

The Color of Our Hearts by Kenju Waweru and Greg Kleciak

January 27 @ 7:30pm, February 3 @ 5:30pm
Join artists Kenju Waweru and Greg Kleciak in exploring what it means to feel isolated in modern America.


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