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“I was taught to treat everyone the same.” “I don’t see color.” “My parents voted for Obama.” You’ve probably heard similar statements uttered over lunchtime convos, or while hanging out with friends and family. But those casual remarks really indicate that when white people have the opportunity to think and talk about race and racism, more often than not, they don’t know how.

How can we better sow the seeds for fruitful conversation and grow meaningful change? In a new adaptation of Dr. Robin DiAngelo’s best-selling book White Fragility, anti-racist educators Toni Graves Williamson and Ali Michael explain the concept of systemic racism to young adult readers and how to recognize it in themselves and the world around them. Along the way, Williamson and Michael provide tools for taking action to challenge systems of inequity and racism as they move into adulthood.

Filled with personal stories from the multiracial creators, discussion prompts, illustrations, and profiles of scholars and activists, this reimagined book gives young adults (and older readers, too!) the tools to ask questions, engage in dialogue, challenge their ways of thinking, and take action to create a more racially just world.

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