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  • Black Stax

Inspiring, relevant and controversial. Black Stax is smart music; every word carefully chosen and every song carries a message of societal challenges, common justice and community uplift. Fans appreciate the eclectic, urban sound laced with jazz and 70s-era soul, which provides life’s soundtrack to the sophisticated connoisseur. A collaboration that works, Black Stax successfully blends musical genres and attracts a varied and supportive following. The group, Black Stax, has released several projects with wonderful local, national and global response. Their first album “Talking Buildings” (2010) and video for single “I Love My Life,” played in Foot Locker and Foot Action stores nationwide, followed by “Spell on You” which reached the video charts in Nigeria. In 2013, the group released ‘LIVE at the Triple Door’ album in collaboration with TAF Academy and the celebration of S.T.E.M. They began their “ILL-US-TRAIT” series in 2017, with singles “Unexpected Shots” and “Vintage” receiving college radio play across the country.

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