Seattle Children's Theatre
201 Thomas Street, Lower Queen Anne, Seattle

  • 939X254 Ghosted

12:30 PM: World premiere performance of GHOSTED by Trista Baldwin

Ghosted tells the story of four students as they navigate through a single day of high school. When one of them experiences a bout of anxiety and is sent to the counselor’s office, issues of friendship and honesty lead all of them to reveal hard truths about their personal experiences and lives. Following these disclosures, the characters brainstorm a collective path towards resiliency, personal strength and mutual support. Following the play, the cast will engage with student audiences in a conversation about resiliency. The objective of the conversation is to further examine the themes of the play, and offer students resources and additional information about a healthy personal growth.

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5:00 PM: Above Between Below by Ramon Esquivel

Above Between Below is the story of four 14- year-old middle school students. The plot revolves around an embarrassing cellphone video gone viral, an accusation of stalking, physical intimidation and gossip. What follows is a confrontation among the four students anxious for revenge, where each young person must make a choice about being a bully, a victim, a bystander or an advocate.

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Workshops focusing on mental health and anti-bullying will occur between performances, and are included with your reservation.


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