WORLDS BEYOND HERE: The Expanding Universe of APAs in Science Fiction

Visual Arts

Tue Oct 23, 2018 – Sun Sep 15, 2019


Wing Luke Museum
719 South King Street
Seattle, WA 98104

Looking at the connection between Asian Pacific Americans and the infinite possibilities of science fiction, World's Beyond Here follows the path of a young Sci Fi fan becoming an empowered creator, limited only by imagination.

Popular science fiction has had a disappointing lack of Asian Pacific American (APA) representation in American media, based primarily on stereotypes. Despite this, APAs have had and continue to have a large impact in science fiction, often behind the scenes, and a number of pioneering APA artists, actors, designers, writers, animators, and directors have persevered and inspired new generations of fans/creators with their stories and visions. For many Asian Pacific Americans, science fiction addresses issues related to identity, immigration and race, technology, morality and the human condition, all while capturing the imagination through exciting adventures in outer space and time travel.

The exhibition, which features a mix of literary and pop culture works, encourages museum visitors to see how science fiction reflects the times they were written in. The creative process draws in ideas about how we build our world and how we imagine the future – and the artists featured in this exhibit inspire us to find our own vision.

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