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Cecile dreams of falling, but her work on the android keeps her grounded. She works to keep him safe, to improve his speed and stamina so that he can continue boxing with minimal risk. But, this isn’t what he wants. He needs to feel the pain of getting hit to know that he is real, that he is himself and not just a series of recycled chips, code, and battered parts. She can’t know his heart. She never asks. Without being able to help herself, these efforts to protect him may cost her the secret she holds most dear. This audio journey to the heart of identity and connection will have you on the edge of your seat wanting more.

Why We Chose This Story: The opportunity to dive into the work of a popular author—an author who engages with the broader literary world in a compelling way; an author who is as fun, interesting, and forward-facing as his work—this opportunity could not be missed. This story is the perfect vehicle for another of our fantastic audio plays.

For Fans Of: Butler’s Childfinder, Oates’ On Boxing, Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

Content Warning for This Play: suicide; suicidal ideation; self-harming; graphic descriptions of: medical procedures, violence, bodily injury, and blood

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