Culture Writing 101

Do you consider yourself a serious writer? Are you fascinated with popular culture and the intersection of URL and IRL? Do you like art? 
Then you should probably check out Culture Writing 101. 

Culture Writing 101 is a new class developed in response to the explosive growth of serious writing about popular culture. Topics explored will include personal narrative in pop culture writing, race, class, and gender, media literacy, and internet culture. Most classes are comprised of viewing or reading works of current and popular culture and then discussing them through a particular lens. Emphasis will be placed on reading and critiquing one another's work.

Culture Writing 101 is developed and taught by prolific writer and pop culturalist Ijeoma Oluo. This eight-week summer session takes place on Thursday evenings in July and August, and will feature one large field trip centered around a contemporary work of art. In this fun and challenging course, students will learn: 

  • How to engage more critically with the culture they consume
  • How to look at art critically
  • How to articulate opinions persuasively
  • How to disagree civilly
  • How to craft writing that people will actually want to read
  • How to interview artists
  • How to give and receive criticism constructively
  • How to find your voice as a writer (or at least start looking for it)

Your teacher: 

Self-proclaimed writer, speaker, internet yeller, and inclusive feminist Ijeoma Oluo.

Ijeoma's work has been featured in The Guardian, City Arts Magazine, The Stranger, Huffington Post, Jezebel, NY Magazine, Medium, Ravishly, SheKnows, XOJane, Time Magazine, The Awl, and The Monarch Review. Recently, she blew up the internet by compassionately engaging a racist Twitter troll on Martin Luther King Day. (You can follow Ijeoma @ijeomaoluo and you should.)

Graduates of Culture Writing 101 are automatically admitted to the TeenTix Press Corps, where they can receive writing assignments for the TeenTix blog.

Applications for Culture Writing 101 are now closed. Questions? Email [email protected] or call 206.233.3959.