• Connect with local arts leaders & arts workers to talk about their career path in the arts
  • Find out more about what goes on behind the scenes at an arts organization

  • Share your experience and be an ambassador for TeenTix and arts access in your own community

  • Develop arts advocacy skills

  • Learn how social justice and racial equity intersect with being an active participant in the arts

  • Navigate transportation in the city when coming to TeenTix HQ, and when seeing art at TeenTix Partners

  • Explore different neighborhoods and the arts experiences offered there

  • Learn what it takes to put on an event and how to raise money for something you are passionate about!


The New Guard attends one meeting and one arts outing a month as a group.

Meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesdays of the month from 5:30-7 pm, at the Seattle Center in the Armory Building (305 Harrison St, Seattle WA 98109). The first meeting of the year will be Wednesday, September 14th.

Arts outings are held on the 4th Friday or Saturday of each month, at various TeenTix Arts Partners in the greater Seattle area.

For the full schedule click here.

In-person participation will be expected for the 2022/23 school year. Occasional Zoom participation can be accommodated upon request.

TeenTix follows COVID safety regulations as suggested by the CDC, as the safety of the young people in our community is our top priority. In-person requirements are subject to change.


    • Show up! Attend meetings & engage/talk/discuss/react & be YOURSELF!

    • Actively participate in discussions on social justice & arts equity

    • Serve as a teen ambassador to a TeenTix Partner Organization

    • Be active on email for all primary group communication

    • Be an ambassador for TeenTix in the community

    • Participate in all New Guard events and projects

    • Be a current TeenTix Member (SIGN UP NOW - IT'S FREE!!). You must be between 13-19 years old.


    Attendance at monthly meetings and group art outings is essential to participation in the New Guard. After 3 missed events or a lack of communication around absences, the New Guard Leadership Board and the Program Coordinator will reach out to discuss your continuing participation.


    In addition to attending 9 events throughout the year for free (TeenTix will pay for your ticket!), New Guardians earn a $30 stipend each month for:

    • Attending and Participating in Meetings - $15

    • Attending Arts Outings - $10

    • Communicating with the New Guard Leadership Board and Program Coordinator as needed - $5

    Your stipend will be reduced for:

    • Missing a meeting or arts event

    • Not communicating with the New Guard Leadership Board or Program Coordinator

    • Not participating during the meetings (see above for participation expectations)

    Members will have an opportunity to choose between a stipend or service learning hours for their participation in the New Guard.


    If you are a second year New Guardian and interested in earning more and improving your leadership skills, you can apply to be a New Guard Leadership Board member! New Guard Leadership Board Members earn a $50 stipend each month for:

    • Attending and Participating in New Guard Meetings

    • Attending Arts Outings

    • Planning and leading group discussions

    • Communicating regularly with New Guard members and the Program Coordinator

    New Guard Leadership Board

    The New Guard Leadership Board (NGLB) participates in high-level decision-making alongside the TeenTix Staff, Board of Directors, and Advisory Council. The NGLB acts as the primary program administrators and leaders for The New Guard, with additional mentorship and guidance from our Teen Programs Director and Executive Director.

    Our 2021/2022 NGLB!

    Chloe (she/her) is a junior at The Downtown School. Excited to be serving on the New Guard Leadership Board, Chloe hopes to have an awesome time with the other New Guard peeps! In her free time, she loves to watch films (especially at festivals), read, and make music.

    Dylan (he/him) is an 11th grader at the Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences interested in film, photography, saxophone, writing, and arts leadership.

    Check out the 2022 TEEN ARTS AND OPPORTUNITY FAIR!

    Artwork by Chloe Sow

    This annual event produced by The New Guard, centered around professional development and teen art. The Teen Arts and Opportunity Fair is a chance to showcase youth artwork from all over, featuring pieces by TeenTix's MTAC (Mentorship for Teen Artists of Color) program and submissions across Washington state. It also includes teen-centric opportunities that are occurring in the upcoming months such jobs, internships, and volunteer work from local arts-based organizations.

    Watch the 2022 Teen Arts and Opportunity Fair here and enjoy some amazing teen art!

    Check out our resource guide of teen-centric opportunities here!


    How do I apply to join The New Guard?
    Applications for the 22/23 New Guard are now closed. Stay tuned in Spring 2023 for applications for the 23/24 New Guard!

    How old do I have to be to join The New Guard?

    You must be between 13 - 19 years old to apply for The New Guard.

    Do I have to be a TeenTix member to apply for The New Guard?
    Yes! And TeenTix membership is completely free - JOIN NOW!

    How much does it cost to participate in The New Guard?
    Participation in The New Guard is FREE—all costs are covered through fundraising by New Guard members and TeenTix staff.

    Do I have to have arts experience to do this?
    No! All you need is interest in learning more about arts leadership. Some New Guard participants come from arts backgrounds, and some don’t.

    What's the deal with the stipend vs. service learning hours?
    New Guardians are eligible for a stipend or can decide to receive service learning (volunteer) hours. To earn service learning hours talk to TeenTix's Executive Director. Please note - you must be 14+ to be eligible to receive the stipend.

    What if I can't make all the meetings?
    We all have super busy schedules - so we get it! However, we do have a participation policy - please see the Participation Expectations section above for details.

    Can I leave the New Guard for a year and come back?
    Of course! We do ask that you reapply, but make a note that you are a previous member and let us know why you are ready to re-join so we can take that into consideration.

    For more information, please email the New Guard Leadership Board or call 206-233-3959.

    Thanks to our New Guard Alumni! We miss you!!!

    2022 Grads
    Sumeya Block, Monet Medeiros, Natalie Giovi, Sydney Lai

    2021 Grads
    Anya Shukla, Ellie Fu, Sofia Valenta, Ilah Walker, Annika Bhananker, Taylor Wang, Monet Medeiros, Evan Servito

    2020 Grads
    Daisy Schreiber, Boaz Malakoff, Dylan Hart, Mianna Behrens, Neha Gupta, Tova Gaster, Nicole McMillan

    2019 Grads
    Monique Allen, Makennah Chinavare, Kate Companion, Zoe Foster, Grey Goodermote, Olivia Johnson, Miranda Jorgens, Lark Keteyian, Alex Kerr, Audrey Messinger, Harper Meyerson, Ella Park, Imara Razo, Kaylyn Ready, Isabel Schmidt, Jake Webley, Rachel Wheeler, Tessa Zink

    2018 Grads
    Isabella Barnett, Tamarin Camp, Annabella Cooley, Esmé DeCoster, Katherine Draves, Emma Forman, Emiko Gantt, Clara Grim, Amy Hall, Emily Hardwick, Louise Heller, Maya Holt, Hyewon Hwang, Serena Kim, Sitara Lewis, Anne Lim, Elan Ma, Corinne Manley, Lina Park, Sarah Pickles, Sophie Poole, Marlene Probst, Mahika Rao, Abbey Scobee, Conor Smith, Aidyn Stevens, Audrey Strevey, Kaitlyn Tran, Kira Walters, Jennifer Ward, Abbi Werner, Gaebriel Wilson, Wendy Zhen, Max Zorn

    2017 Grads
    Amy Bogaard, Corinne Manley, Maya Mcqueen, Victoria McSmith, Bella DeVaan, Crystal Ma, Lydia Wen, Daisy (Meg) Shepard, Henry Hossner

    2016 Grads
    Coco Allred, Walker Caplan, Tigerlily Cooley, India Glover, Caroline Healey, Kimberly Hollander, Henry Hossner, April Kim, Daniel Oliver, Carolyne Sandoval, "Mari" Imaryiah Saquee, Tess Sevetson, Dylan Sherman, Elizabeth Van Flandern

    2015 Grads
    Rachel Andres, Tamala Aown, Robbie Bernstein, Lily Brown, Natalie Crum, Juliana DeVaan, Katie Dreessen, India Glover, Morgan Gwilym Tso, Katie Hallstead, Siena Jeakle, Grace Jeffress, MacKenzie Kermoade, April Kim, Emily Koya, Nhi Ngo, Daniel Oliver, Hannah Probst, Beatriz Rojas, Dankya Tagg, Kaitlyn Tran, Jane Weiand

    2014 Grads
    Audryhanna Alaalatoa, Tanner Batchelor, Wilder Brannon, Riley Bulter, Indy Bungiranto, Georgette Espina, Anya Gepfrich, Sarah Hardisty, Cheyenne Jobe, Hope Kalegi, Hana Kirchoff, Mackenzie Kupyn, Karissa Lam, Miranda Levine, Gabe Linzzer-Pew, Sinead McBrian-Mulkey, Lily Munro, Musa Nakamura, Sandra Ojeaburu, Samatha (TJ) Pelliciotta, Great Rainbow, Yi (Renee) Ren, Christine Robles, Sydney Schuchat, Meg Shephred, Meera Srinivasn, Natalie Thamert, Rosemary Timmons

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