• Codenamekansas
    CODENAME: KANSAS, Witch Hunter!

Copious Love Productions is a Seattle theatre company focused on cultivating original works. We strive to develop fun interactive experiences for a more vibrant community of art, artists and audiences.

At the core, we are a start-up production company composing and cultivating entirely original artistic productions in our home town of Seattle, WA. We are concentrated on producing, writing, and directing original works, and amplifying the creativity of our membership and community at large. We strive to engage artists toward deeper community. We represent and believe in our city, and we want to do anything that will further Seattle’s position as one of the world’s best places to create art. Above all is our “Copious Love” – it is the essence and power in what we do. To build an environment of encouragement we prioritize relationships throughout the creation process and are strengthened by the teams we ultimately rely on. Together we want to create a cultural gravity for creative works as we further Copious Love as a catalyst for original Seattle arts.


King County Transit routes 11, 12, 84 for 12th Avenue Arts venue

Accessible through the Link Light Rail and King County Metro buses arriving at the International District Station for Slate Theatre Inscape Arts venue

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