The Press Corps offers several styles of workshop to teach teens arts criticism and arts journalism.

See here for more information on Press Corps Pop-Up Workshops and Press Corps Intensives.

Press Corps Pop-Up Workshops

Press Corps Pop-Up workshops cover the basics of arts criticism and offer teens a chance to try their hand at arts writing. These one-day workshops include seeing an art event and having a lesson with a professional critic on how to approach looking at art with a critical lens. In these workshops, teens will try several different writing prompts to practice articulating their unique perspective on art. We work with our Arts and Community Partners to host these workshops at a variety of locations.

Teens at Tacoma Art Museum during an Arts Criticism 101 Pop-Up workshop

There are currently no upcoming Arts Criticism 101 workshops. Questions? Email [email protected].

Press Corps Intensives

Press Corps Intensives are deep-dive workshops into arts writing and arts criticism. In each course, teens work with professional critics and arts journalists to receive mentorship on their writing. Some Press Corps Intensives are multi-week workshops where teens attend a different art event each week and practice writing reviews of each event. Others are week-long immersions into arts journalism, where teens learn how to interview artists and write features and previews of arts events. In each Intensive, teaching artists provide individual editing feedback and mentorship so participants can hone and strengthen their writing skills and build their confidence and individual voice.

Press Corps Intensive participants all publish at least one piece of writing on the TeenTix blog from their work in the Intensive.

Apply for the Fall Press Corps Intensive!

Applications for the Fall 2019 Press Corps Intensive are now open! This Intensive runs October 20 - December 8, 2019. It's often said that "writing about music is like dancing about architecture." Meaning that music writing can be challenging and abstract. To provide training on how to listen, think, and write about music, this Press Corps Intensive will focus specifically on music criticism, and look at the role music plays in theatrical productions such as opera and musical theater. This Intensive will also dive into the history of opera and classical music, investigating the cultural and political context of these art forms.

Over the course of the Intensive, participants will attend a classical musical concert, an opera, and a musical theater production at TeenTix Arts Partners. Teens will be mentored by professional critics who will help each participant hone their arts criticism and arts interpretation skills. At the end of the Intensive each participant will have a review published on the TeenTix blog. This is a FREE program and all ticket costs are covered.


The Press Corps Intensive attends performances together, then writes reviews of each performance. Performances are typically on Friday or Saturday evenings, followed by a Sunday afternoon meeting to discuss the performance and receive feedback on their writing.

At each Sunday meeting, teens will receive individualized feedback on their writing and have an opportunity to discuss the art event with their peers. All ticket costs are covered, and a travel stipend for bus fare to and from events is also available. At the end of the workshop, a review by each participant will be posted on the TeenTix blog.

*Participants must be able to attend all art events and meetings to be a part of this program.


The Fall Intensive will be taught by professional critics and writers. Teaching artists will provide individual editing feedback and mentorship so participants can hone and strengthen their writing and reviewing skills. Stay tuned for more info on our teaching artist lineup for the Fall Intensive!


Email Mariko, the Press Corps Manager, at [email protected]


Fill out the application form. Please allow adequate time to complete your application and answer each question as thoroughly as possible.

The Press Corps is interested in working with teens whose writing communicates their personality, and reflects time, effort, and thoughtfulness.

Applications close Friday, October 4th and all applicants will be notified on Friday, October 11th.

In this application you will need to:

- Answer several demographic questions

- Choose to respond to 3 out of 5 short answer questions

- Provide one, 300-word writing sample

- Answer several scheduling questions


Please read the schedule carefully! Participants must be able to attend all art events and meetings to be a part of this program.

Sunday, October 20, 1-4 PM,Orientation & Intro Lesson

Saturday, October 26, 6:30 PM, Music Concert at Pacific MusicWorks

Sunday, October 27, 1-3 PM, Lesson & Discussion

Friday, November 1, 6:30 PM, Performance at Seattle Opera

Sunday, November 3, 1-3 PM, Lesson & Discussion

Saturday, November 9, 1-5 PM, Opera Lesson, Demonstration & Discussion at Seattle Opera

Friday, November 15, 6:30 PM, Performance at Seattle Opera

Sunday, November 17, 1-3 PM, Lesson & Discussion

Friday, November 22, 6:30 PM, Musical Theater Performance - Location TBA

Sunday, November 24, 1-3 PM, Lesson & Discussion

Thanksgiving Weekend - NO EVENTS OR LESSONS

Sunday, December 8, 1-3 PM, Final Lesson/Party

All Sunday Lesson & Discussion meetings will be held at the TeenTix office in the Seattle Center Armory building.

*Participants must be able to attend all art events and meetings to be a part of this program.


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