The Press Corps offers several styles of workshop to teach teens arts criticism and arts journalism.

See here for more information on Press Corps Pop-Up Workshops and Press Corps Intensives.

Press Corps Pop-Up Workshops

Press Corps Pop-Up workshops cover the basics of arts criticism and offer teens a chance to try their hand at arts writing. These one-day workshops include seeing an art event and having a lesson with a professional critic on how to approach looking at art with a critical lens. In these workshops, teens will try several different writing prompts to practice articulating their unique perspective on art. We work with our Arts and Community Partners to host these workshops at a variety of locations.

We're hosting several Press Corps Pop-Ups this summer! So if you're curious about arts criticism or the Press Corps, here's your chance to try it out for a day! See below for details about each. Questions? Email [email protected].

Arts Criticism 101 @ Tacoma Art Museum

Do you wanna crack the code on how to critique visual art? Try this Arts Criticism 101 Pop-Up Workshop at TAM! Spend an afternoon learning the basics of arts criticism and how to look at visual art with a critical lens.

Wednesday, August 7th
3-6 PM
TAM: 1701 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma

3 PM - Arts criticism lesson
4 PM - Gallery tour!
5 PM - Post-gallery discussion, writing reflection + snacks!

PLEASE NOTE: This pop-up workshop has only 15 spots available!

Register by signing up on THIS FORM and we’ll send you info on how to reserve your $5 TeenTix ticket in advance.

Press Corps Intensives

Press Corps Intensives are deep-dive workshop into arts writing and arts criticism. In each course, teens work with professional critics and arts journalists to receive mentorship on their writing. Some Press Corps Intensives are multi-week workshops where teens attend a different art event each week and practice writing reviews of each event. Others are week-long immersions into arts journalism, where teens learn how to interview artists and write features and previews of arts events. In each Intensive, teaching artists provide individual editing feedback and mentorship so participants can hone and strengthen their writing skills and build their confidence and individual voice.

Press Corps Intensive participants all publish at least one piece of writing on the TeenTix blog from their work in the Intensive.

Apply for a Press Corps Intensive!

There are no open applications at this time. Please check back in September for applications for the Fall Press Corps Intensive which will run in October and November of 2019.

Already participated in an Intensive and want to put your new arts writing skills to use? Apply to be part of the TeenTix Newsroom! Applications open in August 2019.


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