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Our vision at TeenTix is a world where all teens have opportunities to think critically about their world, practice empathy, and to be inspired by the artistic voices they experience.



Each year, TeenTix provides over 15,000 teens with free passes that allow them $5 access to 64 different arts organizations in Seattle and Puget Sound.

Because of TeenTix, Seattle is the only city in the nation that lets teens take charge of their relationships to the arts like this. We have big plans to change that in the coming years. Our model can be the reality everywhere.

But first we need you! TeenTix is for teens. If you’re an advocate for young people, an ARTS ADVOCATE, a promotor of a better Seattle, and you know that TeenTix is a big part of this work.

Together, we can break down barriers that deny teens access to art and experiences that will help them grow into their best selves. Together, we can create the opportunities for teens to lead and engage on the critical issues we all have to deal with. 

GIVE TODAY to help us provide teens an opportunity to develop into engaged, civic leaders through access to the arts.

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