The New Guard: Teen Arts Leadership Society

New Guardians at the 2017 Teeny Awards

New Guardians at the 2017 Teeny Awards. Photos by Bronwen Houck and John Ulman.

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TeenTix invites high school students with a passion for the arts and an interest in arts leadership to apply to join The New Guard: Teen Arts Leadership Society.


The New Guard: Teen Arts Leadership Society is formally an arts leadership training program, but really this group is the heart and soul of TeenTix. New Guardians play a central role in guiding the development of TeenTix programs and events, identify organizational values and serve as the primary teen ambassadors for TeenTix.

The 2017/18 New Guard consists of 48 teens representing 28 high schools and 28 zip codes around Seattle. Since it’s launch The New Guard has nurtured over 150 young leaders who have gone on to contribute to their communities as artists, journalists, activists, arts administrators, politicians, scientists, lawyers, and entrepreneurs.


Arts Leadership Training:

  • Peer to Peer Outreach - tabling, emails, events, conversations with other teens about TeenTix.
  • Skill Building Workshops with adult experts - arts criticism, fundraising, resume-building, outreach strategies, budget management, networking, working artists, working arts-administrators, info session with adults who support the arts outside of their job.
  • Mini-Mentorships with working arts administrators (see more info below).
  • Fundraising for the New Guard activities.
  • Arts Outings - we see art as a group! Sometimes as an 'official' outing, and sometimes we go out in smaller groups to something because we just can't miss it.


1/4 Business:

  • Updates on what's going on at TeenTix and providing input on the organization's direction to the Executive Director
  • Giving "secret shopper" reports of our experiences using our TeenTix passes "in the field"
  • Vetting and approving new prospective partner organizations

1/4 Outreach and Events:

  • Planning special events at TeenTix partner organizations
  • Planning the Teeny Awards, TeenTix's annual gala

1/2 Art & Arts Leadership:

  • Talking about the we have seen and want to see art around town
  • Meeting staff at partner organizations, learning about their jobs, and advise them on best practices when programming for teen audiences
  • Focusing on the topic of the month: fundraising, outreach strategies, post-high school opportunities, and more
  • Snacks, snacks, and more snacks

Our meetings take place August - June. We take July off for SUMMER BREAK! We have meetings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month, from 5:30 - 7pm. Most meetings take place in the Armory at Seattle Center. Some meetings throughout the year are held at our partner organization's venues around town. Members must commit to attending the majority of meetings as part of your service on the New Guard. Additional time commitments for sub-committees and mentorships will be based on your interests and availability.


Committed members who have served at least 20 hours on the The New Guard will be matched with mentors at any of our 75 TeenTix partner organizations. Mentorships may focus on arts management, arts marketing, fundraising, or artistic planning - it really depends on what you want to learn!

You can read more about past mini-mentorship experiences here: 

Seattle Symphony | ACT Theater | Starbucks


The first meeting of the 2018- 2019 New Guard will be on Wednesday, September 12, 2018.

PARTICIPATION EXPECTATIONS: The New Guard meets twice monthly on the 2nd + 4th Wednesdays from 5:30-7:00pm, usually at the Seattle Center, and sometimes off-site at our Partner Orgs. We discuss furthering TeenTix, the importance of the teen audience, to fundraise, plan teen-centric arts events, learn about equity & social justice, and to build a community of arts-stoked teens with organized arts-outings.

To participate, you'll need to:
1) Commit to attending a majority of the meetings (13+ of the 20 meetings each year)
2) Be active on email for all primary group communication
3) Be an ambassador for TeenTix in the world
4) Be a TeenTix member, (it's free to sign up at!) between 13 - 19 years old

For additional questions, please email Monique Courcy, TeenTix Executive Director @ [email protected], or call 206.233.3959.

New Guard Leadership Board 17/18

The New Guard Leadership Board (NGLB) participates in high-level decision-making alongside the TeenTix Staff, Board of Directors, and Advisory Council. The NGLB acts as the primary program administrators and leaders for The New Guard, with direct mentorship from our Executive Director.

Katherine Draves, President
Katherine is a senior at The Center School and is thrilled to be a part of the New Guard. She is the producer of 14/48:HS, winner of the 2015 Teeny Award for Best Youth Engagement Program. She also works with many other theaters including MAP Theater, Seattle Public Theater and Ghost Light Theatricals. Katherine is a member of her school’s award-winning Model United Nations team and enjoys using her Teen Tix pass at local theaters, Jet City Improv, and the Seattle Art Museum.

Isabel Schmidt, Vice President
Isabel is currently a junior at Garfield High School. She joined The New Guard to find people who shared her passion for the arts, to spread the magic of TeenTix, and to inspire the world with creative art. Isabel loves to be surrounded by deep thinkers/philosophers, and considers herself to be somewhat of an 18th century English romantic. She is a budding artist who is artistically interested in writing, crafts, pressed leaves, and colors, but mostly delights in being blown away by the wonders of visual art, spending hours at museums and galleries.

Esmé DeCoster, Youth Chair of Partners and Events
Esmé DeCoster attends Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences and is a senior. The arts have been part of her life for a long time, since her first play at age 5. The arts organizations of Seattle have all been so nice and helpful to all ages. TeenTix has helped her go to so many many performances of all kinds, and I she so happy to be able to work more with the organization that has helped me branch out so much and has made the arts so easily accessible to so many teens.

Gaebriel Wilson, Youth Chair of Equity and Outreach
Gaebriel is a student at Highline College and featured artist for RAW: natural born artists. Along with being the public relations officer for Thespian Troupe 5560, she is the stage manager for the Auburn Riverside Theatre. Gaebriel spends her days floating between jewelry projects, art projects, and theatre tech when she's not in school or at work. She uses her TeenTx pass mostly for the SAM, Seattle Symphony, and Jet City Improv. Gaebriel loves to play any instrument she can get her hands on, but plays mainly Bari Sax and Contra-Alto Clarinet. One day, Gaebriel hopes to be a graphic design guru who lives in a tiny house somewhere in Amsterdam filled with succulents and plenty of kombucha.

Wendy Zhen, Youth Chair of Fundraising and Staff Liaison
Wendy is a senior at the Overlake School in Redmond. She joined The New Guard in 2014 when she moved to Seattle from Beijing, China. Wendy loves being apart of the New Guard because TeenTix values the voices of Teens in the art world, and shows that the arts is a powerful force in the somewhat confusing world today. She does oil painting and specializes in the art form of getting paint all over her clothes and in her hair; she is also a flute player who struggles daily with intonation on high notes; as well as a t-shirt designing enthusiast.

Neha Gupta, Leadership Board Member
Neha is a sophomore at Eastside Preparatory School in Kirkland. She has always been enamored by the arts and what they have to offer. She joined The New Guard in 2016 to interact with other teens who share her interests in the art and to gain a foothold in the art world of Seattle. In addition, she is a member of Bellevue Art Museum’s Teen Art Council, a writer for her school’s newspaper, and an avid volunteer at TeenFeed.  She spends much of her free time in the kitchen, whipping up anything and everything for her online baking business – Get and Give NW.

Anne Lim, Leadership Board Member
Rachel Wheeler, Leadership Board Member

New Guard Members*

Lark Abbot, Monique Allen, Tamarin Camp, Annabella Cooley, Amy Hall, Louise Heller, Maya Holt, Hyewon Hwang, Lukas Illas, Alex Kerr, Serena Kim, Victoria McSmith, Harper Meyerson, Lina Park, Sophie Poole, Marlene Probst, Conor Smith, Aidyn Stevens, Audrey Strevey, Kira Walters, Jake Webley, Isabel Wilson, Eleanor Wilson

Emma Forman
Emma is a senior at Garfield High School. She is passionate about empowering youth to take an active role in their community, whether through the arts, citizen science, or civic engagement. She has been in multiple full-length plays, including The Anatomy of Grey, and continues to participate in acting opportunities. Emma is also proud to play the saxophone in GHS's Jazz Band A. She has a dog, a hedgehog, and a unicorn and she is inspired by TeenTix's mission.

Tova Gaster
Tova is a freshman at Garfield High School. TeenTix has inspired her to grow as both a consumer of art and an artist, and she is excited to be a part of the New Guard! She likes using her TeenTix pass to see theater and visit museums, and loves the community and opportunity TeenTix creates. She enjoys reading, cats, rainy days, and doodling.


Grey Goodermote
Grey is a junior at Garfield High School. She's new to the New Guard this year and is excited to get more involved in Seattle's art scene! She enjoys doing tech for shows, kickboxing, traveling, and writing (when she finds the time).


Clara Grim
Clara is a senior at Ingraham High School and has been part of the New Guard since 2015. She joined because she believes in the power of art and extending this power to Seattle-area teens! Her favorite ways to consume art are theater and improv (shout-out Jet City!) but she has been known to dabble in attending PNB and visiting art museums. One of her favorite parts of the New Guard each year is the Teeny awards, most importantly because there’s cupcakes but also because it’s a wonderful way to recognize all of TeenTix’s amazing partners. She is super excited to be back for her second year on the New Guard and is exciting for what it will bring.

Emily Hardwick
Emily Hardwick is new to the New Guard this year. She is going through her junior year at Garfield High, and is involved in theatre, vocal jazz, and choir at school. Her favorite activities involve acting, singing, paddle boarding, scrapbooking, and anything to do with dogs.




Elan Ma
Elan is a junior at Mercer Island High School. She joined the New Guard in 2016 in hopes to help make the wonderful art scene in the Seattle area accessible for all teens to enjoy. After school, you'll probably find her at H.E.L.P club, an endeavor she started with her friend to help the homeless in Seattle. Also in her free time, she loves to draw, paint, and explore different forms art - especially through using her TeenTix pass!

Boaz Malakoff
Boaz is a sophomore at Mercer Island High School. He joined the New Guard in 2017 to ensure that all teenagers in the Seattle area have access to the arts. Boaz is an avid actor, and plays alto saxophone and oboe in his school's band program.

Sarah Pickles
Sarah is a junior at Mercer Island High School. She joined the New Guard in 2015 because she loves to experience the arts, and believes that they play a very important role in people’s lives. Outside of school, Sarah loves to do ballet, draw, and read.


Mahika Rao
Mahika is a junior at Newport High School. She plays the clarinet in band, orchestra, marching band, clarinet choir, and pit orchestra. She loves spending hours in art museums, in independent book stores, and at the tops of mountains. Mahika loves Teen Tix because it makes it so easy to experience such a wide range of art, all around Seattle! Her life goals include petting as many dogs as possible, having pretty handwriting, and traveling the world.

Abbey Scobee
Abbey is an 11th grader at Nathan Hale high school. Abbey loves the theater and wants to some day be an actress. She also wants to travel the world. Abbey joined TeenTix this year to get more involved in our local arts and to meet teens like her.



Anya Shukla
Anya is a 9th grader at Lakeside High School. She's new to the New Guard this year and joined to find other teens who love the arts just as much as she does. She likes using her TeenTix pass to see shows at PNB, Jet City Improv, or the Fifth Avenue. In her spare time, she can be found dancing, reading, or eating ice cream.

*Images and bios listed where available.



How do I apply to join The New Guard?  Applications are open for the 2018/2019 cohort. Click here for more information on the application process.

How old do I have to be to join The New Guard? You must be between 13 - 19 years old to apply for The New Guard.

Do I have to be a TeenTix member to apply for The New Guard? Yes, you do. TeenTix membership is completely free. JOIN NOW!

I just found out about this and I only have one year of high school left. Is there a way for me to move to the mentorship phase more quickly? Yes! You can complete your hours more quickly by volunteering for TeenTix. Please let us know that you are interested in doing this on your application.

How much does it cost to participate in The New Guard? Participation in The New Guard is FREE—all costs are covered by TeenTix.

Do I have to have arts experience to do this? No! All you need is a vague interest in learning more about arts leadership. Some New Guard participants come from arts backgrounds, and some don’t.

Can I get school credit for doing this? In the past, members of this group have received service learning credit through their schools. Since requirements for credit vary from school to school, please consult your service learning advisor. If you are eligible for credit, we are happy to complete the necessary paperwork from your school.

What if I can't make all the meetings? We all have super busy schedules - so we get it! However, we do ask that you let us know when you can't make it to meetings and events - we count these as 'excused absences.' After 3 consecutive no-shows without communication you will be asked to leave the New Guard for the year. We've got a HUGE wait-list and we want all our members to participate in what we do!

Can I leave the New Guard for a year and come back? Of course! We do ask that you reapply, but make a note that you are a previous member and let us know why you are ready to re-join so we can take that into consideration.

The New Guard is supported by Seattle University Arts Leadership programs.

For more information, please email the New Guard President or call 206-233-3959.