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"Journey of the Wind" is an enthralling improvised theatrical marvel, weaving a narrative inspired by East Asian animation and storytelling.

Directed by the talented Belinda Fu and brought to life through a collaboration between Jet City Improv Presents and Pork Filled Productions and in association with Theatre Off Jackson, this show is a mesmerizing dive into a world where the lines between humans, nature, and the mystical blur into a stunning tapestry of storytelling.

At the heart of "Journey of the Wind" is the tale of a courageous young hero, navigating the complexities of coming of age in a realm filled with beauty, magic, and challenges.

This production showcases and celebrates the rich narratives inspired by Asian cultures, brought to life by a diverse multi-ethnic cast that invites audiences of all backgrounds to explore stories that resonate with universal themes of courage, discovery, and the magic that binds us all.


Pork Filled Productions Hours

Box office opens 60 minutes before showtime.

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