TeenTix Loves our Partners!

Partners listed below are active and engaged partners in the TeenTix Pass Program! Events at these organizations are TeenTix-eligible, with the exception of a few special events and galas. Here's an outline of TeenTix partnership levels:

  • Arts, Culture and Experience Partners have agreed that most, if not all, of their events and showtimes are TeenTix-eligible. Check out their Partner Page for a comprehensive list of events.

  • Event Partners have a more curated list of events and times that are TeenTix- eligble. Be sure to check out the Event Page for specific details.

  • Stadium Shows/Multi-City Shows/Arenas Partners will often donate tickets to TeenTix for us to disperse to our audience. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media for alerts!

Community Partners are organizations who offer direct service or provide direct opportunities to teens in a non-ticketed, not event-specific way.

  • Scroll down to see our full list of Community Partners, and learn more their organizations.

Are you a current Partner or interested in becoming one? Visit our Partner Portal.

Arts Partners

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