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What is ArtsUW? It's the conglomerate of every school of the arts at University of Washington. Including the School of Art + Art History + Design, the Department of Dance, the School of Drama, the Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media (DXARTS), and the School of Music, TeenTix members may see events at any of these departments for just $5. Learn more about ArtsUW here.

The University of Washington School of Drama develops innovative and courageous artists and scholars poised to be the creative leaders of tomorrow. Its location in Seattle, one of the great theatre cities of the world, and in a region noted for creative entrepreneurship, makes UW a unique place to learn, work, and perform.

The mission of the UW Department of Dance is to educate performers, educators, arts advocates and cultural leaders. At the program’s core lies the recognition of art as the confluence of theory, practice and creativity. With a commitment to respect the individual, the Department of Dance fosters inquiry and engages the community in open-minded exchange.


"As our contribution to creating a more just, equitable, and empathetic society, the University of Washington School of Drama seeks to cultivate a community of highly-skilled artists, scholars, and citizens who are engaged with the world and invested in theatrical storytelling—in all its guises—as a means of elevating and celebrating our individual and collective voices, promoting understanding, and nurturing compassion."

For more information about the UW School of Drama's commitment to equity, see here.


King County Metro Transit routes 45, 71, 73, 83, and 373 for Floyd and Delores Jones Playhouse venue

King County Metro Transit routes 43, 44, 48, 49, 70, 167, 197, 271, 541, 542, 556 and 586 for Meany Hall venue

King County Metro Transit routes 277, 540, 810, 821, 855, 860, 871, and 880 for Glenn Hughes Penthouse Theatre venue

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