Monique Courcy, Executive Director (she/her)
[email protected]

Monique first became involved with TeenTix when she served as a program assistant for the Contemporary Performance Cool Kids Club while earning her MFA in Arts Leadership at Seattle U. She was inspired by the depth of access, space for inquisition, and close community that the program nurtured with its teen participants. In October 2016, Monique joined TeenTix as its second Executive Director. She spent the last six years working at TeenTix Arts Partner organization, On the Boards, where she managed Digital Media and, a pioneering project that makes high-definition recordings of contemporary performances accessible to an international audience through streaming and downloads. In this role, Monique expanded the program’s national reach, producing films and developing a video-on-demand platform that now reaches thousands of students at over 100 universities across the globe. has been profiled in the New York Times, and is the winner of a 2015 Arts Entrepreneur Award from Fractured Atlas.

Sara Albertson, Development Manager (she/her)
[email protected]

Sara Albertson is a Seattle Native who has been involved in art since the age of five. She has been a TeenTix user, intern, donor and is so excited to start this new chapter as an employee! She graduated from St.Olaf college in 2018 with a degree in both theater and psychology, concentrating in management. Since graduation, she has returned to the PNW to work in education with the Seattle Children's Theater, Seattle Rep, Green Stage, and Penguin Productions. She is also on the board of Albatross theatre lab, a local company with a mission of supporting emerging artists in Seattle. Art has always been an important role in her life, and helped her become the person she is today. She believes that young access to the arts is not only important but crucial to the growth of a community. She is so excited and humbled to start working with TeenTix and help build autonomy for teens through the arts!

Seth McDonald, Digital Marketing Manager (he/him)
[email protected]

Seth joined TeenTix in October of 2020 as the Digital Marketing Manager with a mission of making art more accessible and relatable via social media for Seattle area teens. As a Seattle native and creative, Seth understands the value that Seattle art institutions have in shaping the youth in the greater King County area. Furthermore, he understands the importance of amplifying teen voices and having their thoughts, stories, and opinions be heard authentically. Seth is also an active musician (pi, songwriter, producer, audio engineer, band manager, music business consultant and more –– pretty much anything music related, he is into it. Outside of social media and music, Seth enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and playing basketball. Seth is excited about all the ways TeenTix can continue to grow and connect with teens over social media.

Mariko Nagashima, Teen Programs Manager (she/her)
[email protected]

Mariko joined the TeenTix team in February 2018 and is thrilled to be part of a program that provides such incredible arts opportunities for teens. Mariko’s role at TeenTix combines many of her passions into one bright sparkly amazing job: working with teens, promoting arts experiences, and critical arts journalism. Mariko is also a dancer, teacher, writer, and general enthusiast of all things dance related. She moved to Seattle in 2010, after earning a BFA in Ballet from the University of Utah, and immersed herself in the Seattle dance world. She has performed with numerous local companies including Coriolis Dance and AJnC Dance-Theater. She teaches ballet to children, teens, and adults at several Seattle studios. Mariko was the Editor of SeattleDances, a website focusing on critical dance coverage, from 2010 to 2016, and founded PAPR: Performing Arts PR, which helps local, independent artists promote their work.

Tia Shekelle, Calendar Coordinator (she/her)
TeenTix Alumni

[email protected]

Tia discovered TeenTix upon moving to Seattle in 2017 to attend Cornish College of the Arts as a visual artist. She was a dedicated TeenTix-er, frequently attending $5 arts events until the day she turned 20, and she hopes to continue her engagement with the arts community well beyond her teen years. In February 2018, Tia became part of the TeenTix team as the calendar coordinator. An artist her whole life, she is thrilled to work with another incredible arts organization. Her first encounter with the arts in Seattle came from SubPop Records, after being awarded their 2017 Loser Scholarship. Previously, she volunteered in Bellingham for Make.Shift Art Space and Zine Club Mag.

Amelia Peacock, 2020 Teeny Awards Producer (she/her)
[email protected]

Amelia has been a TeenTix partner and super fan since 2014 and is thrilled to step in as producer for The 2020 (VIRTUAL) Teeny Awards! She is an arts marketer, storyteller, and people person originally from Minnesota. Growing up, Amelia was privileged to see performers that looked like her on stages throughout her community. She credits those early experiences as the spark that lit her ongoing passion and love for the arts. Amelia works to prioritize, pay, and amplify queer, BIPOC artists and perspectives so that all people and especially young people have the same opportunity to see themselves represented and celebrated.


Marcel Feseha, Digital Marketing Coordinator (he/him)
[email protected]

Marcel is a student at The Northwest School and a member of Rainier Scholars. After high school he plans to pursue math and computer science at a liberal arts college. Although, he will also be exploring his interest in business and finance this Summer. Marcel will be with us through the Summer and into the Fall, via NWFL's Cultural and Creative Workforce Development Program.

Helen Tesfaye, Supported Network Intern (she/her)
[email protected]

Helen is a junior at Lakeside School and dedicates most of her time to painting and photography. She believes that Art has the power to give people who don't have a represented voice in society, specifically youth of color, the opportunity to tell their story and empower others. Helen will be with us through June/July 2020 via NWFL's Supported Network Internship Program.

Shannah Virivong, Supported Network Intern (she/her)
[email protected]

Shannah Virivong is a junior at The Northwest School, interested in pursuing a path in the medical field. In the meantime, she likes to paint and cook, and really explore many types of art. Shannah believes that having access to art opens up many opportunities and allows people to express themselves. She feels that is an outlet that gives us a creative voice and uplifts those who are underrepresented. Shannah will be with us through June/July 2020 via NWFL's Supported Network Internship Program.

Sydney Mayer, TIPS Intern (she/her)
[email protected]

Sydney is a rising senior at Ingraham High School, and is thrilled to be a TeenTix intern! She has been involved with the Arts for as long as she can remember, and is especially interested in music. She believes that Art is a powerful way to step into other peoples’ shoes and build empathy and connections.


Ariel Glassman, President
Consultant, Scandiuzzi Krebs

Thomas Van Doren, Vice President
Director of Systems Engineering, 98point6 Inc.

Cyrus Despres, Treasurer
Director of Planning & Business Intelligence at KEXP

Karen Bystrom
Director of Marketing, Seattle University College of Arts and Sciences, Seattle University

Karen Dahl

John Farrey
Label Relations, Amazon Music, TeenTix Alumni

Andre Gougisha
Legal Secretary, Baker Hostetler

Dan Hudson
Managing Director, National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY)

Erica Hudson Gomez
Software Development Manager Lead - SNAP EBT, Amazon

Zainab Hussain
Senior Privacy Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Victoria North

Jeffery Osborn
Owner, work/ethic

Robert A. Pearlman, MD, MPH
Chief of Ethics Evaluation, VHA National Center for Ethics in Health Care; Professor, University of Washington School of Medicine

Jon Staenberg
Venture Capitalist, Vintner Capitalist, El Jefe


Vice President: Laura Valiente, Product Designer, The Boeing Company, TeenTix Alumni, Press Corps Graduate

Alethea Alexander, Pre-Doctoral Lecturer in Dance, University of Washington

Molly Gillette, Special Events Officer, Seattle Symphony

Natalie Gray, Residential Solar Operations Associate, Omnidian Inc. TeenTix Alumni

Lindsay Hastings, Annual Giving Officer, Treehouse

Clare Hatlo, Associate Producer, On the Boards

Teresa Rende Johnson, Senior Marketing Manager, A Contemporary Theatre

Ella Mahler, Fundraising Specialist, The Ostara Group

Heidi McElrath, Development Director, Seattle Shakespeare Company

Amelia Peacock, ACTLab Marketing Manager, ACT Theatre

Pete Rush, Arts Program Manager for Seattle Center Productions; co-TeenTix Program Manager from 2008 - 2013


The New Guard Leadership Board attend TeenTix Board and Advisory Council meetings, and have a strong voice in the organizational decision-making. Read more about The New Guard here.

Neha Gupta, New Guard President
Neha Gupta is a Senior at Eastside Preparatory School. She discovered TeenTix at 14 and as a life-long art lover, she instantly fell in love with the organization’s desire to make the arts accessible to teenagers from all backgrounds. In 9th grade, she joined the New Guard and loves being able to interact with other like-minded teenagers and to discuss the intersection of arts and social justice. In her mind, art is the perfect tool to explore issues of race, gender, political affiliations, etc. as it creates an accessible platform that opens towards deeper conversations about relevant issues. In addition to being heavily involved with TeenTix, she is a member of the Seattle Art Museum's Teen Arts Group, does policy work with OneAmerica, and serves as an Intern at the University of Washington School of Public Policy and Governance.

Tova Gaster, New Guard Director of Outreach
Tova is a senior at Garfield High School. TeenTix inspires her to grow as both a consumer of art and as an artist, and she loves the community and opportunity TeenTix creates! In addition to serving on the New Guard, she is also an editor for the TeenTix blog, as well as a staff writer for her school newspaper. Outside of TeenTix, she can be found at all-ages shows, at the library, or embroidering. She’s in book clubs, she’s your grandma, it’s fine.

Daisy Schreiber, New Guard Director of The Teeny Awards
Daisy Schreiber is Running Start Senior, and more than a little terrified of this whole “upperclassman” deal! Acting and various forms of tech theater (mostly stage management) make her inexplicably, completely, gloriously happy. (but admitting that to the world is scary) She splits her time between a variety of wonderful enterprises, including 14/48:HS (which she loves very, very much) She enjoys seeing theater almost as much as she loves making it, so TeenTix is kinda her favorite thing. When not thinking about theater and arts access, she sings, reads, child-wrangles, cares about things a lot and dissects past conversations to see if she seemed weird. (actually, multitaskers unite! She does all these things and simultaneously thinks about art).

Anya Shukla, Director of New Guard Events
Anya is an 11th grader at Lakeside School. She joined the New Guard to find other teens who love the arts just as much as she does, and found just that in TeenTix, which has allowed her to explore new art venues and explore the art's intersectionality. She’s also part of the TeenTix Editorial Staff and is the co-founder of the Colorization Collective, a group that aims to highlight the accomplishments of and provide a community for teens artists of color. In her spare time, she can be found singing, reading, or eating ice cream.


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