Monique Courcy, Executive Director (she/her)

Monique first became involved with TeenTix when she served as a program assistant for the Contemporary Performance Cool Kids Club where she was inspired by the depth of access, space for inquisition, and close community that the program nurtured with its teen participants. In October 2016, Monique joined TeenTix as its second Executive Director and has since led the organization through years of youth-driven programmatic growth including the re-launch of the Press Corps, as well as successful expansion efforts of the Pass Program into Pierce County, Washington and Los Angeles, California.

Prior to joining TeenTix, Monique spent six years working at TeenTix Arts Partner organization, On the Boards, where she managed Digital Media and, a pioneering project that makes high-definition recordings of contemporary performances accessible to an international audience through streaming and downloads. In this role, Monique expanded the program’s national reach, producing films and developing a video-on-demand platform that now reaches thousands of students at over 100 universities across the globe.

Monique came to Seattle in 2005 from Central Washington, earning a BA in Dance from the University of Washington, followed by MFA in Arts Leadership at Seattle University. She currently serves on the Advisory Board of Seattle Arts & Culture for Anti-Racism, Seattle Music Commission's Youth + Community Committee, and is on the Board of Directors for the Uptown Arts & Culture Coalition. Monique grew up on Yakama lands.

Mariko Smithashima, Teen Programs Director (she/her)

Mariko joined the TeenTix team in February 2018 and is thrilled to be part of a program that provides such incredible arts opportunities for teens. Mariko’s role at TeenTix combines many of her passions into one bright sparkly amazing job: working with teens, promoting arts experiences, and critical arts journalism. Mariko is also a dancer, teacher, writer, and general enthusiast of all things dance related. She moved to Seattle in 2010, after earning a BFA in Ballet from the University of Utah, and immersed herself in the Seattle dance world. She has performed with numerous local companies including Coriolis Dance and AJnC Dance-Theater. She teaches ballet to children, teens, and adults at several Seattle studios. Mariko was the Editor of SeattleDances, a website focusing on critical dance coverage, from 2010 to 2016, and founded PAPR: Performing Arts PR, which helps local, independent artists promote their work. Mariko grew up on Spokane, Schitsu’umsh (Coeur d’Alene), and Kalispel lands.

Austin Sargent, Deputy Director (he/him)

Austin is new to the TeenTix team but is excited to be joining such a passionate and dedicated organization! Coming originally from Columbus, Georgia, Austin is an Arts Administrator, Arts Advocate, and Teaching Artist who has built a career working with and for young people in the Arts.

Austin is a proud Seattle University Alumni, having earned his Master’s of Fine Arts in Arts Leadership and Certificate in Fundraising Leadership. As an Arts Leader, Austin has worked with the Washington State Arts Commission (ArtsWA), Three Dollar Bill Cinema, Crux Consulting, Third Way Creative, and most recently as the Program Manager of Speak With Purpose. Before moving to Washington, Austin worked primarily with the Springer Opera House and Springer Theater Academy, as well as being an independent producer and director for the Muddy Water Theatre Project. Austin is committed to the vibrancy and diversity of Seattle’s Arts Ecosystem and spends lots of his free time at Art Galleries, Concerts, Theater Performances, Dance Showcases, and the like. Austin grew up on the Mvskoke and Hitchiti lands.

Gavin Bradler

Gavin Bradler, Communications Specialist (they/them)

Gavin is overjoyed at the opportunity to serve other Teens and promote radical art by young people, for young people as the Communications Specialist! As a participant and board member for 14/48: H.S, they found out about TeenTix and immediately fell in love with the $5 pass program. Inspired by the access that TeenTix has given them, Gavin hopes that their work will extend this access for young people in all Seattle communities. Gavin is an artist, currently pursuing a BFA in Acting at DePaul University. Gavin is dedicated to using their knowledge and strengths as an artist and art-maker to contribute to the cause of justice and equity. Outside of work and school, Gavin loves to thrift, parent their plants, and play DnD. Gavin grew up on Duwamish lands.

Ness Rose, Fundraising Specialist (they/them)

Ness graduated from Tacoma's Science and Math Institute in 2015, while also attending the Tacoma School of the Arts. They have been managing fundraisers big and small since then, from planning and speaking at galas to helping individuals in the queer community achieve their personal fundraising goals. Ness is passionate about creating safe, accessible, and inclusive spaces, and excited to bring that passion and experience to TeenTix. At home, they live with their partner and two cats. They're a gamer, a ravenous consumer of books, and thrive on music. Ness grew up on Cayuse, Umatilla and Walla Walla lands.

Coco Allred, Teen Programs Specialist (she/her)

Coco has been a TeenTix superfan since 2013 when she signed up for TeenTix Pass. She spent 3 years on the New Guard and was the president of the New Guard from 2014-16. Her teen years were shaped by the friendships, arts outings, writing classes, and mentorship found at TeenTix. As the Program Specialist at TeenTix she is honored to pay the TeenTix love forward and work with teens that are becoming the arts leaders, supporters, makers, and journalists of the future. Coco is also a visual artist, designer, and educator working in a range of media including sculpture, printmaking, and collaborative public projects. She has a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh PA with a concentration in Sculpture, and a minor in Human-Computer Interaction. Coco grew up on Duwamish lands.


Vida Behar, Digital Marketing Coordinator (she/her)

Vida Behar is a recent graduate of Wesleyan University, where she earned her Bachelors of Arts as a double major in Studio Art and Philosophy. An alumni of the TeenTix Press Corp program, she is excited to be returning to the team as TeenTix’s current Digital Marketing Coordinator Intern. Vida is thrilled to be continuing her work with the organization that has had such a powerful influence on her life as a young person and on the youth of Seattle. Outside of work, she enjoys reading comic books, working on her own graphic novel, going to concerts, and hiking. Vida grew up on Duwamish lands.

Stephanie Tsukiko Nomura-Henley, Bookkeeper (she/her)

Stephanie Tsukiko Nomura-Henley (she/her) is a Mixed Race activist, mother and bachan (grandmother). She is passionate about the arts and intergenerational community organizing, having served as a Board leader with the Japanese American Citizens League for the past 7 years. She works as a bookkeeper for nonprofits and small businesses and loves to help them thrive. Stephanie enjoys walking in the woods with her dogs, traveling to new and familiar places and tap dancing! She is delighted to be a part of TeenTix! Stephanie grew up on Tongva (Gabrieleno), Ɂívil̃uwenetem Meytémak (Cahuilla) and Duwamish Lands. She currently resides on Suquamish Lands.


Ariel Glassman, President
Founder, Common Great

Andre Gougisha, Vice President
Paralegal, Folio Law Group PLLC

Cyrus Despres, Treasurer
Director of Planning & Business Intelligence at KEXP

Katy Hannigan, Secretary
Program Manager, Inclusive Leadership Strategy, Greatheart Consulting

Holly Arsenault
Admissions & Outreach Adviser in Integrated Social Sciences, University of Washington

Karen Bystrom
Director of Marketing, Seattle University College of Arts and Sciences, Seattle University

T Van Doren
Director of Systems Engineering, 98point6 Inc.

Robin Sussman Forman
Partnership Marketing and Account Management Specialist

Erica Gomez
Software Development Manager, Google

Victoria North
Learning Specialist

Jeffery Osborn
Owner, work/ethic

Robert A. Pearlman, MD, MPH
Professor Emeritus, UW Department of Medicine

Laura Valiente De Vega
Product Designer, The Boeing Company

Jon Staenberg
Venture Capitalist, Vintner Capitalist, El Jefe


New Guard Leadership Board

Chloe Show

Dylan Koa

Teen Editorial Staff

(Left to Right) Top: Kyle Gerstel, Aamina Mughal, Disha Cattamanchi
Bottom: Esha Potharaju, Audrey Gray, Yoon Lee

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