How To Use TeenTix


  • Start by filling out the online form. It’s fast and easy.
  • We will send you a temporary pass in an email. You can print it out and use it until your permanent pass arrives in the mail (which can take up to two weeks).



  •  Browse the TeenTix calendar (or weekly e-newsletter) to figure out what you’d like to go see.



  • Head over to the venue! You can buy your TeenTix ticket as soon as the box office opens on the day that you want to go. Some of our partners will even allow you to call ahead and buy your ticket over the phone.
  • Even if you don’t want to buy your ticket ahead of time, we strongly encourage you to call ahead to make sure there are TeenTix available. All of our partner’s phone numbers are listed on the partners page.
  • Go the ticket desk, show your TeenTix pass and your school ID or Driver’s License, and buy a $5 ticket with cash (no debit or credit cards).

That’s it! The arts await you! THE AAAARRRTS!!!!!


The Hard Facts

Always $5

In general, ALL events at our Partner Organizations are eligible for $5 TeenTix, with the exception of some special events and galas. When in doubt, consult the TeenTix calendar.

Bring a Friend!
On 2 for $10 days, you can buy a second $5 ticket and give to anyone you like, no matter how old they are. 2 for $10 days are Sundays at all of our partners except museums, and Thursdays at our museum partners.

Day-Of-Show Only

TeenTix is a day-of-event ticket program--that's why the tickets are so cheap! That means, on the day of the show, if there are tickets available and you have your TeenTix pass, you can buy one. You can't reserve a TeenTix ticket in advance.

You must be 13-19 years old

You may be asked to present your student ID or other proof of age in order to buy a ticket, so come prepared. A middle school, high school, or homeschool ID card is considered acceptable proof of age, even if it doesn’t have your birthday on it.

Subject to Availability
Sometimes, shows sell out and no TeenTix tickets are available. Concerned about this possibility? Never fear! Just call ahead. Box office info can be found in the right-hand column of every event listing in our calendar.

Note that our partners are empowered to limit the number of TeenTix tickets that they will sell for any given performance, so it really is important to call ahead and check availability.

Cash only

You may only use cash to purchase TeenTix tickets. Credit cards, debit cards and checks will not be accepted (except over the phone at the organizations that allow phone sales).

No Pass, No Ticket

You must have your TeenTix pass with you in order to get the TeenTix price. If you lose your pass, fill out this form and we’ll send you a new one. If you need a temporary pass RIGHT NOW, just create a account, and you can get a temporary pass instantly, anytime you need it.