ANY teenager (13-19 years old) can sign up for a FREE TeenTix pass! The pass entitles teens to purchase $5 day-of-show tickets at any of our 100+ partner organizations in the greater Puget Sound region. Plus, we make sure teens know WHERE they can use their TeenTix pass once they get it - explore the Calendar for all the events available to you on a specific day, or in a specific genre - and subscribe to our weekly E-Newsletter for updates on what's happening each week.


  • Start by filling out the online form. It’s fast, easy, and can be done on your favorite device.
  • Upon completing the form, a Digital Pass that’s just for YOU will be created and available for immediate use. Just show your mobile pass at the box office or print it out.
  • You can also request a Physical Pass! Physical Passes are small and fit on a keychain or ring fob. Physical passes will be mailed within 2 weeks to the address used upon sign-up.



  • Head to the venue! You can buy your $5 TeenTix ticket as soon as the box office opens on the day that you want to go. Some of our partners will even allow you to call ahead and buy your ticket over the phone.
  • Even if you don’t want to buy your ticket ahead of time, we strongly encourage you to call ahead at the presenting partner’s box office to make sure there are TeenTix tickets available. All of our Arts Partners' phone numbers are listed on the partners page.
  • Go the ticket desk, get your TeenTix Pass scanned, and buy a $5 cash ticket.

That's it! Happy arts going!!!


  • While our Arts and Community Partners continue to navigate how they can operate safely and effectively in the virtual space, there are a few things that are important to keep in mind:
  • Your TeenTix Pass is not required to view online or virtual events. Many of the virtual events we promote are FREE, or free with a suggested donation.
  • If a virtual event does require a registration fee or ticket for viewing, these tickets will not always be available at the TeenTix Pass price of $5.

For any other questions about accessing a virtual event from our Calendar or e-newsletter, contact our Marketing & Partnerships Manager at!


Always $5
In general, ALL events at our Arts Partner Organizations are eligible for $5 TeenTix tickets, with the exception of some special events and galas. There are also lots of FREE events listed on our calendar! When in doubt, consult the TeenTix calendar or call the box office of the organization you'd like to attend.

2 for $10 Deals
On certain days at our Arts Partners, you can bring someone else of any age with you for an additional $5! Curious about when to do this? Each of our Arts Partners' pages list their own specifications.

Day-Of-Show Policy
For the most part, TeenTix tickets are available day-of-show—that’s why tickets are so cheap! This means, on the day of the show, if there are tickets available and you have your TeenTix Pass, you can buy one. If Arts Partners make tickets available beforehand, we’ll let you know in the event description. And remember, you’re always free call ahead and check for availability with box office staff, especially if you want to attend a popular event where tickets may be limited!

You Must be 13-19 Years Old
You may be asked to present your student ID or other proof of age in order to buy a ticket, so come prepared. A middle school, high school, or homeschool ID card is considered acceptable proof of age, even if it doesn’t have your birthday on it.

Subject to Availability
Sometimes, shows sell out and no TeenTix tickets are available. Concerned about this possibility? Never fear! Just call ahead. Box office info can be found in the right-hand column of every event listing in our calendar.

Note that our partners are empowered to limit the number of TeenTix tickets that they will sell for any given performance, so it is really important to call ahead and check availability.

Use Cash!
TeenTix tickets are traditionally purchased with cash only. If you're planning to use another form of payment, make sure you call the box office to confirm you can!

No Pass, No Ticket
You must have your TeenTix Pass with you in order to get the TeenTix ticket price. Your Digital Pass is always available when you log into from your mobile device. You can also print it out at home, from the library, or at school and present a paper copy. Finally, you may request a Physical Pass to be sent to you. No matter what form your Pass takes, it’s gotta be presented at the box office!


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