Introducing the 2023-2024 TAP Teens!

Ashwari (she/her) is a junior at International Community School. In addition to constantly seeking out different ways to experience and create art, she loves to read novels and bake. During the summer, Ashwari runs a non-profit online bakery from her home to help homeless women in the Seattle area. She was previously a Teen Docent at Bellevue Arts Museum, and is passionate about learning new things!

Blue (any pronouns) is a junior at Garfield High School with a love of music and film. They have directed two short films, Just Like Cherry Cola (2023), and Little Worlds (2022), and the latter was nominated for a student Emmy award. Blue loves to debate on their music opinions with family and friends, and will die on the hill that every Beatles cover is better than the original. Their other interests include running around the city taking photos with friends on their film camera, playing their bass guitar in a garage band, seeing live music shows, and most importantly, Willem Dafoe.

Caden (she/her, he/him) is a sophomore at Eastside Prep. She’s experimented with many forms self-expression and is always ready to dip her toes in another medium (her favorites at the moment being printmaking and digital art). Just as she loves discovering her identity through art, she also loves helping other teens find their own — from editing videos for friends, designing band logos, playing cards, and characters for classmates, and now through podcasting, Caden loves seeing ideas flourish beyond their creators.

Mickey (he/him) Hello, my name is Mickey Fontaine! I am 15 years old, and I live in my treasured home with my pets and family in Vashon WA. I am a bassist, producer, rapper, and novelist seeking to develop my skills in teamwork and artistic criticism. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, going to the gym, watching foreign film, and visiting my local shooting range.

Past TAP teens

The 4 teens that helped us launch the TAP program in 22/23 (from left to right) are: Triona Suiter, Xandra Yugto, Olivia Lee, and Josh Caplan.

What Do TAP Teens Actually Do?

  • Talk about art and learn more about arts and cultural institutions in your community!

  • Work with like-minded teens. TAP is a highly collaborative environment where all teens involved are leaders and have an equal stake in editorial decisions

  • Have the opportunity to broadcast your work on the TeenTix YouTube channel

  • Be the first to hear about special TeenTix opportunities and events
  • Learn how social justice and racial equity intersect with being an active participant in the arts

  • Share your experience and be an ambassador for TeenTix and arts access in your own community

  • Navigate transportation in the city when coming to the Seattle Center, and when exploring art and culture at organizations TAP chooses to highlight

  • Explore different neighborhoods and the arts experiences offered there

The TeenTix Arts Podcast program is all about:

YOUTH EMPOWERMENT: TAP is a place where teens are encouraged and empowered to share their opinions and perspectives. We want to hear what you think about the arts and cultural goings-on in your community. TeenTix values their time and efforts by broadcasting each TAP episode and PAYING TEENS for their work.

HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE: TAP teens get hands-on experience as podcast producers and hosts. They often receive press access to events or organizations they are covering. TAP teens also have the opportunity to be mentored by professionals in the field, and build an extensive network in the arts by interviewing arts leaders in the community.

TEEN LEADERSHIP: TAP is comprised of a group of teen leaders. They work collectively to make editorial and production decisions and choose how to focus each episode of TAP. A Teen Program Coordinator also serves as the regular (adult) program lead, and teens will have additional mentorship and guidance from all TeenTix staff, including our Executive Director and Teen Programs Director, as well as Ground Zero and Vera Project staff.

CENTERING YOUTH VOICES: Teens in all TeenTix programs are considered leaders at our organization. Teens are the heart and soul of TeenTix and keep the organization on-track with what young people actually need and want in the arts world. Our teen leaders are regularly invited to support TeenTix’s growth and development as an organization by participating in interviews for new TeenTix staff, sharing information with our executive leadership and Board of Directors, representing TeenTix at community panels and events, and building community across TeenTix programs. They participate in discussions about TeenTix’s success in engaging teen arts audiences, the development of TeenTix programs, and ways to further TeenTix’s reach.

TAP Program Details


  • Commit to attending 2 TAP meetings each month. In-person participation will be expected for the 2023/24 school year. Occasional Zoom participation can be accommodated upon request.

  • Actively participate in the production process for each episode

  • Be active on email for all primary group communication and communication with TAP staff

  • Show up! Attend TAP meetings & engage/talk/discuss/react & be YOURSELF!

  • Share your opinions!


Attendance at TAP meetings throughout the year is mandatory. TAP meetings are held every other Thursday evening from 5-7 PM at the Vera Project.


TAP teens earn a stipend of up to $50 each month. Stipends are given out each month based on performance in five key categories: communication, deadlines, collaboration, attendance, and participation.

TAP meeting dates are as follows:

September 19

October 3, 17, and 31

October 15 - HeARTwork Collective racial equity workshop for all TeenTix teens - on zoom

November 14 and 28
November Recording: Sunday, November 19

December 12
December Recording: Sunday, December 17

January 2, 16, and 30
January Recording: Sunday, January 21

February 13
February Recording: Sunday, February 25
February 11 - HeARTwork Collective racial equity workshop for all TeenTix teens - on zoom

March 5 and 19
March Recording: Sunday, March 24

April 2, 16, and 30
April Recording: Sunday, April 21

May 14 and 28
May Recording: Sunday, May 19

June 11
June 23 - TeenTix Graduation Celebration

TAP teens rotate who will do the recording each month, so each teen will attend a Sunday recording session, 3-4 times throughout the year.

Teens in all TeenTix programs are required to attend two racial equity workshops hosted by HeARTwork Collective each year. Both workshops are held on zoom.

TeenTix follows COVID safety regulations as suggested by the CDC, as the safety of the young people in our community is our top priority. In-person requirements are subject to change.

Meetings are held at the Vera Project at the Seattle Center (305 Harrison St, Seattle WA 98109).


Check out a full program description here. But if we didn't actually answer EVERYTHING and you have more questions please contact:

Coco Allred
Teen Programs Specialist

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