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Seattle JazzED is your home for music education!

Seattle JazzED is a music school that welcomes students at all levels. You can audition for a jazz band ensemble, choir or orchestra, sign up for a one-day workshop, or spend a week in the summer honing your skills (or all three). They are known for awesome educational opportunities like the New Works Ensemble directed by renowned composer Wayne Horvitz, the Girls Ellington Project (Seattle’s premier all-city girls jazz band) and Summer Jazz Ambassadors, a multi-age swingin’ summer band with training in public speaking and mentoring. Their goal? To empower you to realize your full potential through exceptional music education.



"Seattle JazzED was founded to teach jazz, a Black American art form born out of Black resistance to systemic oppression and exclusion. Jazz calls us to not only speak up when injustice is committed, but to actively work on behalf of a better tomorrow. We share in the collective and individual pain and devastation of Black Americans murdered by police officers and fellow citizens. Seattle JazzED stands with Black Lives Matter and all other people and organizations protesting and working to end the racist treatment of Black people in our country. ⁠We recognize that this fight cannot rest only on the shoulders of the Black community. This work must be done by every person who believes in human rights."

For more information about Seattle JazzED's commitment to racial equity, see here.

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