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The Washington State History Museum (WSHM) is the welcoming public face and most visible activity of the Washington State Historical Society. WSHM is located in Tacoma’s downtown core along Pacific Avenue, among a thriving cultural scene of shops, restaurants, galleries, museums, and the University of Washington’s Tacoma campus. WSHM features intriguing objects and exhibitions from the Society’s permanent collections, along with dynamic changing exhibitions that investigate a wide range of topics from D.B. Cooper’s famous flight, to the development of American Football, to the rise of indie music in our state, to protest photography, and so much more. Weekend and evening programs and events keep it lively! There is always something new to do at WSHM. Come in and explore how history connects us all.


"The Washington State Historical Society (WSHS) has witnessed the turmoil in our nation of the past months and the outpouring of grief and pain by the Black community. We acknowledge the historical truths that underpin the protests in our state and in our nation: slavery, discriminatory laws, and racism that permeates our systems of justice, housing, healthcare, and more. We have also taken stock of our own institution’s role in systemic racism and acknowledge the need to address it."

For more information about WSHS' commitment to anti-racism, see here.


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