Theatre Puget Sound (TPS) is a leadership and service organization founded in 1997 to advocate for the region's growing theatre community's causes and administer much-needed services. TPS is now the Northwest's premiere arts advocacy and leadership organization, providing programming and services that benefit both the theatre community and the larger regional arts community.

TPS has a two-fold mission: To promote the spiritual and economic necessity of theatre to the public, and to unify and strengthen the theatre community through programs, resources, and services.

Throughout our history we have built and maintained programs and services that serve to promote, strengthen and unify the regional performing arts community.

TPS Promotes the regional performing arts community through audience development tools and initiatives such as the Seattle Performs website, cooperative advertising, Arts Crush and the TPS Stage at Bumbershoot.

TPS Strengthens the regional performing arts community by providing educational programming, diverse and cost-effective resources for both individuals and organizations, advocacy on both local and national platforms, and services that strive to improve the quality of life for our region's theatre artists.

TPS Unifies the regional performing arts community by acting as a physical and virtual gathering place. TPS manages affordable rehearsal and performance spaces and produces the annual Gregory Awards and the TPS Unified General Auditions. TPS also has one of the most active virtual communities in the nation that hosts an interactive website, talent database, message boards and listserv.

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