For 25 years, Youth in Focus has helped youth in Seattle during a critical time in their lives, putting cameras in their hands and placing them in a supportive environment to learn photography skills, find their voice, and tell their stories.

Youth in Focus is a program that uses intensive photography training as a tool to help disadvantaged teens develop personal voice, positive identity, social skills and artistic skills. They offer free, multi-level classes for teens ages 13-19 in both film and digital photography. Classes are taught by professional teaching artists and supported by volunteer adult mentors. In this way they create a community of support around their students that both encourages and challenges them on their journey to a positive adulthood.

Their small class sizes, instruction from professional teaching artists, support from adult volunteer mentors, custom-designed curriculum, purpose-built space — and dedication to respecting, supporting, and challenging young people — all work together to create a powerful experience for all YIF's students.


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