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Intiman Theatre presents engaging dramatic work that celebrates the intimate relationship among artist, audience and language and, through the exploration of enduring themes, illuminates the shared human experience of our diverse community.

By launching a theatre festival curated from the impulses of some of Seattle’s best artists, performed by a repertory company of actors, in a model that is sustainable and flexible, Intiman Theatre intends to break new ground while also honoring its 40-year history. This approach gives artists an authorial stake in their work, and allows for a yearly cycle that is healthy for artistic and institutional development. Launched in 2012, this will be the new model for Intiman, and we look forward to bursting out in theatrical life every summer.


"​Intiman has a passion for social justice, and we strive towards liberation through artistic activism. We look at inequities plaguing our country and talk about these injustices in our theatrical productions, work through these injustices in our educational programs, and evaluate our own policies within community to check our own institutional injustices."

For more information about Intiman Theatre's commitment to equity and social justice, see here.


King County Metro Transit routes 2, 13, and 29 and also accessible by Monorail for Cornish Playhouse venue. Monorail now accepting ORCA - Simply present your ORCA card to Monorail Cashier

King County Metro Transit route 27 for Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute

Please note Seattle Center Arena construction hauling may affect travel on campus. Info and updates can be found here

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