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Amplifier is an art machine for social change.

We are a design lab dedicated to amplifying the voices of grassroots movements through art and community engagement. We bring contemporary artists, educators, and organizers together to build visual campaigns that change the national narrative. Our goal is to flip artists into activists and observers into participants. We invest in artists as social change agents – cultural creatives that embed activism in their practice to bring civic engagement into their artmaking. Our projects build on the foundation of free and open source art and the potentials when real-life art interventions and digital technology merge. We aim to build bridges not walls, believing strongly in the innovative power of collaborations between nonprofits on the frontlines and the journalists, artists, and storytellers that most effectively move their messages through the world.


  • Download FREE artwork at amplifier.org and hang in your publicly facing windows at home, in local cafes, at your school, or out in the streets! Tag us for a chance to be re-shared across our social channels.
  • Repost our work through your social media network and tag us at @amplifierart
  • Tell your teachers to sign up to be apart of our Education Amplifier program to have free artwork and social justice teaching tools sent to your classroom.
  • Volunteer with us!
  • Get a behind the scenes look at the Amplifier Art Lab by scheduling a tour with a group of friends! (5 people minimum)
  • Be in community with us by joining one of our events!

Equity Statement

"Our goal is to reclaim and rebuild an American identity rooted in equality, dignity, diversity, truth, and beauty. At Amplifier, we believe that each piece of art we create and distribute with our partners can be a compass that leads us away from the chaos and negativity of this polarizing time."
For more information about Amplifier's commitment to equity and racial justice, view their full equity statement.

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