• In Pursuit Bryant Park 2017 Justin Chao edited

Bennyroyce Dance is a project-based contemporary dance performance, creation, and production company that cultivates multidisciplinary collaboration and inspires collective innovation under the artistic leadership of Filipino-American choreographer Bennyroyce Royon. Our dancers and collaborators are a multicultural group of broad-minded artists who share a common passion for movement, experimentation, and innovation. Founded in 2010, Bennyroyce Dance delivers fresh, energetic, and inventive works that engage diverse audiences in imagining unknown possibilities, in seeking boundless connections and meaning, and in embracing the dynamic movements of life through performances, classes, and workshops.

Read more at www.bennyroyce.com

Dancers: Craig Dionne, Gabriela Soto Hernandez, Nikki Holck, Allison Sale, Lynda Senisi, and Lukasz Zieba. Photo by Justin Chao.

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