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Love and Information is a series of disconnected vignettes joined together by their exploration of interactions in a modern world. Focusing, naturally, on themes of love and information, the play explores relationships and dynamics between people, organizations, technology, and nature. It touches on topics of all sorts, from family to identity to illness to AI.

The play is a story about communication. It explores the many ways interactions can break, bend, and twist themselves into something new. It talks with itself about phones and computers, texting and emailing. It dives into the radio waves and TV signals to try and find what, exactly, has changed in our increasingly isolated landscape.

Love and Information is an argument. It is not an argument for or against any one thing in particular - it is arguing for argument's sake. It interrupts, talks over itself, refuses to listen, and stomps out the door without warning. It is mean and loud, needling and sharp, close and desperate. It needs to be heard, to be believ


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