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Co-presented with Early Music Seattle

What happens when artists/activists from wildly different backgrounds and musical worlds unite around the fight for racial justice? And what if they link their original songs together by sampling and quoting a piece of classical music that’s almost 300 years old?

Riffing on Handel’s masterpiece, Messiah, these musicians transform an ancient tale of a savior into an urgent call to action. The way they frame it, we are all the Many Messiahs who can build a better world together, starting now.


Don Amero, vocals/guitar and compositions;
Taína Asili, vocals and compositions;
Darian Dauchan, M.C. and compositions;
Michiko Egger, vocals/guitar and compositions;
Aaron Grad, artistic director and compositions;
Tonya Abernathy, vocals;
Neil Totton, vocals;
Rob Jost, bass;
Maria Männistö, vocals;
Mariana Ramirez, drums and percussion;
Sonny Singh, vocals/trumpet and compositions;
Curtis Stewart, music director and violin;
and guest string players from Early Music Seattle.

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