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Songs for A Blue Planet, the Symphony Tacoma Voices solo concert this year features music from around the world as a celebration of our human race. The “blue planet” became an inspiration from descriptions from our early astronauts, and our first glimpses of our home from space. From a distance, borders disappear, the world seems smaller, and the great diversity of –be it color, culture, old and young, poor and rich, east or west, north or south—our humanity melts into one great, blue planet.

The music, lyrics, and themes weave together the things that we share as humans. We gather, struggle, worship, care for our homes and world, love, reach out for family and friends. Songs from Kenya, Haiti, India, South Africa, Venezuela, and more will tell these stories. STV has enjoyed preparing this program for you as we sing in languages, and vocal styles that tell deeply felt stories of others—and in the singing and the story the “others” become our family.

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  • Fri, Jun 7, 2024 7:30pm
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