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Presented in Festival Format. Please check the 18th and Union website for specific performance times.

Original Plays written and directed by the 2023-2024 Incubator/Mentor Cohort.

New plays by women and non-binary playwrights and directors.

  • The Uterine Files: Virginia Mary’s experiences echo through the lives of her descendants. Moving through time from 1863 to the present, this choreopoem’s stories of disruption demand an answer: what are they doing with our uteruses?
  • Carmilla: A camp-horror play based on the queer, female-centered, pre-Dracula vampire novella of the same name, introducing the mother of the modern monster and shattering the mold of male protagonists in horror.
  • On the Train: A timely indictment of medical racism as three women fight a hypocritical senator to secure the right for women to control and protect their own reproductive destinies.
  • Out of Time: Three different pairs of women deal with disaster and its aftermath, from the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire to the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11 and beyond.


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